Welcome to the happy bunch of DUOTONE team riders JULIA PASQUALE and VALENTINO PASQUALE!

We are happy to announce that we now support the entire Pasquale family. Valentino has already sailed on the SuperHero last season. From this year on his sister Julia will also join our DUOTONE team. Growing up on the Canary Islands brings the best pre-conditions for becoming a professional windsurfer. The sheer amount of incredible young talents from Pozo Izquierdo are the best evidence. On top of that, these two grew up between boards, sails and wetsuits: their parents manage the world famous POZOWINDS windsurfing rental and school in Pozo Izquierdo. Ladies and gentlemen, we proudly present: Pasquale Power from Pozo Izquierdo!

At what age did you start windsurfing and when did you decide to compete?
Julia: I started windsurfing when I was 10 years old and I decided to compete last year J My best results are: 1º and 2º in the PWA event in Pozo Izquierdo, and 1st in Tenerife because we are only a few juniors girls.
Valentino: I started windsurfing when I was 10 years old and I decided to have a go at the competition when I was 13. My best results are 1º and 3º in PWA junior U20 in Pozo and 2º in Tenerife.

Who is your favourite coach?  
Julia: My coach is my brother Valentino
Valentino: My coaches were Jonas Carlson, the manager of Pozowinds, in wave riding and Josep Pons in jumps.

What do you like most about windsurfing?
Julia: I really enjoy riding waves
Valentino: I love being with friends pushing the limits together.

Favourite maneuver, conditions and equipment?
Julia: I like the sensation of the forward a lot!! I love go to the water with my Grip XS Fanatic and 3.0 Duotone Super Hero. The Now is so light in the wave riding, it makes it much easier!! My favourite conditions are of course good waves and strong winds. Pozo Izquierdo is the best place to practice windsurfing for me!!
Valentino: My favourite move is the backside 360º and as I love riding waves, my favourite place is Pacasmayo. There is nothing better than scoring big waves with my 3,7 SuperHero and my 82l Grip.

Have you already ended up at the bunker (the downwind end of Pozo with rocks and sea urchins)?
Julia:  yeess of course :D  I think if you go to Pozo you MUST end up on the bunker at least once 
Valentino: Yeeeess a lot 

To which other places have you already travelled?
Julia: I have been in Sweden, in Argentina, in France also in Maldives and of course different cities of Spain
Valentino: I have been in Argentina and Sweden and I have been wave riding in France and in the Maldives Islands.

Which move do you want to land this summer?
Julia: I’d love to land “the backy “
Valentino: I would like to control the pushloop

Who is your idol and who will win the PWA 2018 in waves? 
Julia: Victor Fernandez, he is sooo good! I wish Victor will win the PWA, but all the pros are sailing really well.
Valentino: I love Victor and Marcilio´s style but I think that at the moment, Philip is the most likely to win.

Do you have a funny windsurfing story for us?
Julia: I bump into turtles twice. It was funny because at the beginning I thought it was a baby shark!
Valentino: Once I was sailing super fast and I hit something that made me fall down. After that I went out crying thinking that It was a shark, but I will never know.

What’s the plan for the few windless days on Gran Canaria?
Julia: If there are waves… surfing, if not I go with my friends to the beach or do sports like Orienteering <3. In winter I compete in Orienteering as well.
Valentino: I usually go to the beach with my friends or I go to the north shore to score some waves. I really like listening to music and I practice Orienteering.

Do you already know which career do you want to study?
Julia: I don’t really know yet… but maybe Sports Science or something similar.
Valentino: Yes, I am going to start Medicine this September

Whats your favourite food and music?
Julia: I love all kind of pasta made from my grandma. I like pop music, reggaeton and sometimes - to get motivated just before starting the heat - rock and roll
Valentino: I love all kind of food and I usually listen to ACDC.

Do you want to tell the world something?  
Julia: Be happy and smile because there is only one life
Valentino: Go big or go home ;D

So true! Thanks for your time, Julia and Valentino. We wish you a windy summer in Pozo!

Julia & Valentino