They did it!

With 67.17 knots the TRIDEM crew around Raphaël Filippi, sorry CAPTAIN Raphaël Filippi, sets a new speed world record.

Maybe with a little help from the 2019 World Champion Pierre Mortefon?

See yourself:


Audience with his highness Captain Raf.

Tell us about the day the crazy magic happened.

We are not crazy!! We are French!! We sailed the record time at a secret place close to «Les Saintes Maries de la mer», South France. The victory run was on July 16th, during a really windy day with strong mistral (North Wind) of about 45 knots.

How did it feel like? Was Pierre Mortefon the missing piece for glory?

It was scary to be so fast on a windsurfing board, but at the same time, it was so exiting that we all forgot the fear. Pierre was the missing piece, for sure. He’s the best pilot I had ever seen and we all understood his incredible power on the first run together. Having the slalom World Champion on board gave us a lot of confidence.

Is the World Record official yet?

Not for the moment. We are waiting the response of the WSSRC (World Sailing Speed Record Council) but… maybe they are too busy at the moment? Our excellent team of lawyers are working hard to make it official.

We know you and Pierre but who are the other two mysterious riders?

Pierre is the pilot. Régis Bouron, a french waverider and Matthieu Vinceneux were involved in that crazy project. We are 4 riders on the Tridem team. It’s important to be 4 persons to carry the board!! Furthermore, it’s good to have the possibility to switch one rider in case of a crash.

Did you ever crash badly?

Yes but we were lucky and we never had problems with our Duotone stuff!! It’s so strong!! [Thanks :-) ]  Jibing at the end of the record run was scary. It is obviously not that easy to jibe on a Tridem at 67 knots…

Which fin did you use?

It’s totally secret and we don’t want to give this information to other teams…

Which three warp sizes did you use?

Warp 20.20 6,3 / 5,5 /  5 m² was the magic combo. Really powerful with super good control in the gusts.

How did you train?

We had a crazy training during the last six months on the Tridem, in the gym and at the bar. You have to drink a lot to have success in that kind of mission.


Thanks for your time Captain Raf! Keep up the good vibes TRIDEM team!


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Raphael Filippi

Pierre Mortefon

Régis Bouron

Matthieu Vinceneux


"We train every day. We drink beers and eat big burgers to look like Björn one day."


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Pictures: Emmanuel Morel