Gone with the wind

- by Maria Andres -

SPAIN, Cadiz

At home: Cadiz was on fire last winter. We are living literally on the spot getting strong port-tack side-off winds of Cortadura and Rota. It felt like the perfect preparation for Topocalma in Chile, the first event for me of the IWT 2019 season.


CHILE, Topocalma

Chile in March was cold and mega windy. The wave in Topocalma is fast and powerful. Getting used to the conditions was challenging but after a couple weeks, it was so much fun! Lucky me, we had some training for it in Cadiz!
We had the privilege of to camping in Topocalma and spending the best days of the 15 days window of the IWT there. It was unforgettable! The vibes in Chile are always great. The event organiser take care of every detail and the social side of the event was quite entertaining. On top of it, I finished winning the event!


Maui - DUOTONE Photoshooting

Being with the team in Maui is both fun and motivating! Klaas and I made it to the Fanatic brand book cover! It is awesome when they shoot sick pics like this one! There is some pressure to sail at your best, haha, but it is a great experience! I am so grateful to be part of the Duotone team.



The idea of freezing waters sailing overpowered on 3.4 wasn’t very appealing to me, but once I saw the landscape and conditions I completely changed my mind! (the 6mm wetsuit helped a bit! Haha). One month sailing around Oregon and California was the perfect road trip! Giant trees, wild  coastlines and a lot of wind and waves! I felt like I could get used to the van life for a while… actually, we were getting ready for another month in Baja!



Mexico, Baja California

The landscapes of Baja California are so captivating… these cactuses have a special energy. We somehow always stopped on the road to hang out with them, haha.
Solo sessions sailing and surfing in Baja are priceless. Sometimes it’s like a dream, you just wonder, “how is that possible that I am having this all for myself?”

I think Tom and I had some of the best moments of the year down in Punta San Carlos sailing and surfing until sunset!


PERU, Pacasmayo

Pacasmayo is one of my favorite spots in the world. Did you know you can spend over 2 minutes riding the same wave?? The waves are often big, glassy and peeling. It’s a tricky spot, though. I feel like it makes you learn to use the power of the wave. Me, being goofy, I enjoy this wave like no other!

Watching the sunset from the peak is mesmerizing. I have had so many #howcanthisbepossible #thiswastherideofmylife #howcanahumenbesohappy moments that I completely understand why this place is said to be #PACASMAGIC



I was leading the IWT and training hard to fight for the overall title. During the last 5 years I had spent around 5 months a year training in Ho’okipa. Even though it sounds like a lot, it is a tricky spot.
 Unfortunately, I became third in my first heat and dropped out of the signle elimination early. I was in the first heat of the double-elimination so it was a nail-biting 2 days of waiting for conditions to improve, always ready to get on the water at a moment’s notice. Eventually, the wind never returned and the result stood, meaning a disappointing 9th place, but just enough to hold on and win the 2019 IWT Overall Title!


Duotone Ladies

on the IWT podium:


Maria Andres 1st

Arrianne Aukes 2nd



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Pics by: John Carter, Si Crowther, Fishbowldiaries, Jimmie Hepp, Tiger, Tom Soltysiak, IWT