Interview with Shawna Cropas, new Duotone teamrider



If you would advertise yourself, what‘s your slogan?.

We are very happy to announce that SHAWNA CROPAS from Hawaii is now part of our Ladies Team. Originally from Vancouver, Canada, she lives on the beautiful island of Maui for 10 years now. Before coming to Maui she sailed in the atlantic swell at the irish south-west coast. Time to meet the queen of hawaiian and european waves!


What does the new Duotone brand stand for?


Duotone represents authenticity – being true – both in windsurfing and in kiteboarding. We will continue to offer high-quality products for all disciplines and will push forward as leaders in technology for the sports that we love.


How did you start windsurfing? On which equipment and how was it?


I learnt how to windsurfing in Greece with Club Vass.  


Can you tell us a little bit about your career in the PWA and other competitions? 

I have had fun doing the Aloha Classic Wave Events. They are usually thrilling as the conditions are normally huge and challenging. Your heat thumps in your ears and the competition against other girls almost fades into the background as it become more about you and the sea.

... and about current projects.

I'm off this summer to sail around Tahiti. I look forward to some sick conditions surfing/sup, taking photos and writing about the experience.

I am running coaching/holiday Aloha Windsurfing Clinics on Maui and it's great to get people from all over the world to come join us on island to windsurf, laugh, adventure, while improving our windsurfing skills. The weeks are always fun and it's a lovely way to meet new people.

Which other sports and passions do you have?

Surfing whether short boarding or SUP is a massive love of mine. Foiling is on my list of new experiences but I also mountain bike, run, dive, paint, draw, snowboard.

What are your favourite windsurfing conditions for the perfect session?

Ho'okipa, Maui

What‘s your favourite equipment setup and colours? 

Bright colors, Grip TE 68 with 4.2 SuperHero for down the line wavesailing, hitting lips and flowing. 

How many scars from windsurfing do you have? 

I have bounced off the reef many times. Luckily I don't scar too easily.

Are you following a special diet?

I don't actually follow a specific diet but I don't consume sugar. I eat mostly fats and proteins, No processed food- mostly whole foods. Vegetables, some local fruits. Very low on carbs. 

What do you think about the foil trend? Have you tried it already?

I have tried foiling behind a boat. Loved it and plan on doing much more of it this summer. Surfing style. Felt super futuristic. Flying in silence. 

Whats the funniest thing that happened to you last week?

I laugh about funny things daily. But... Two days ago a girlfriend of mine was over and talking about herself, but in a way that was not too accurate. To make that point I jumped up and did a standup comedy like sketch and exaggerated both our different characters and how we interacted with the world and the people around us. By the end of it, we were both on the floor laughing hysterically.


If you would advertise yourself, what‘s your slogan?

Get back up, keep trying and keep learning. 


Thanks for that Shawna! Keep rocking! - Hugs and Aloha