Duotone 2020 Hardware Extension Range


Some call it obsession. We call it attention to detail.


There‘s even a great deal of potential in an extension, if you reconsider and question previous solutions objectively.
This is exactly what our engineers and the team did when developing the 2020 extensions.

Completely new iSnap 2.0 adjustment ring: Based on the tried-and-tested SDM adjustment ring, the RDM version now for the first time ensures that also the tube of the RDM extensions does not come in contact with the mast anymore, which avoids any contact corrosion. No other RDM extensions can offer that! In order to guarantee the same durability despite the reduced diameter, a double-walled construction outer tube and ovalized T8 inner tube is used for the RDM aluminum extensions (patent pending).

Two component pins: The new iSnap 2.0 adjustment ring has even more details inside: The contact part of the aluminum pins are covered with synthetic material what lets the adjustment ring slide very smoothly.


All Duotone 2020 POWER.XTs 2.0 and UNI.XTs provide the following benefits:
+ No more contact corrosion
+ Very smooth-running adjustment
+ Extremely high durability despite very lowweight


NEW 2020

iSnap 2.0 adjustment ring




Integrated Rig Technology.
We develop all components ourselves, allowing decades of experience and expertise to flow into each and every one of our products.
All rig components are designed for functionality and performance, promoting real innovations and practical solutions. In addition, all parts are optimally matched with one another and make use of the best available technologies.


Engineered and made in Germany.
We are the only rig brand worldwide to continue manufacturing all of our extensions in Germany (except for EPX). In this manufacturing process, only raw materials that originate in Europe are used. In contrast to the “made in China” label, this indicatesthe significantly higher financial costs of production. But in return, the “made in Germany” label guarantees you an unparalleled standard of quality and the peace of mind that the environmental impact has been kept as low as possible.


2 year unconditional warranty.