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The 2021 DUOTONE FREESTYLE x WAVE range is special in every way. Two months later than usual and featuring a brandnew sail design concept. The sails are shining in extraordinary throwback colours, due to our sister brand FANATIC celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. Congratulations! On top of that, we bring back a famous legend: the SUPER STAR!


Ladies and Gentlemen, clap your hands and feet together!

We happily present the DUOTONE MANOEUVRE AVENGERS:




T H E    S U P E R   H E R O  


W A V E  D R A F T  C E N T E R E D

    T H E   S U P E R   H E R O is THE ultimate wave sail which is made to perform in all wave conditions around the globe. The unrivaled balanced sail is the personal favorite of PWA Wave double world champion Victor Fernandez. Thanks to the absolutely neutral and perfectly balanced draft position, its handling characteristics are unrivaled and it remains stable and highly controlled in every situation. The SUPER HERO feels like a three-batten design combined with the stability of a five-batten one.

    • balanced, back-hand orientated draft position
    • neutral and stable in every situation
    • World Title winning wave weapon




     T H E   S U P E R   S T A R 


    W A V E  D R A F T  F O R W A R D

      T H E   S U P E R   S T A R is back! The rebirth of one of the most iconic wave sails ever! Crisp and direct with maximum on – off character. Together with the SUPER HERO and the IDOL LTD it completes the trio of the DUOTONE MANOEUVRE AVENGERS! 

      It is designed for waves and ambitious waveriders, but due to its forward oriented profile positioning it has a very wide performance range up to freewave conditions. The more forward and slightly higher draft position plays an important role. It gives the SUPER STAR a very distinct character. The SUPER STAR feels always light and balanced in your hands, but reacts very directly and instantly - even when it comes to power on/off. Riders who prefer tri fin boards, celebrate radical cutbacks in a minimum of space, and if you steer your board also with your back foot you will love the new SUPER STAR!

      • forward oriented draft position
      • crisp, reactive feeling
      • STAR GAZER - limited edition with iconic sail design




       T h e   I D O L   L T D 


      U L T R A  L I G H T  F R E E S T Y L E C O M P

        T H E  I D O L   L T D is the completely personalized pro model of freestyle record world champion Gollito Estredo. Boasting incredible handling characteristics, the sail was created by designer Kai Hopf, implementing all the desires of the rider himself. The result is the most highly developed and extreme freestyle sails that we have ever manufactured in series. The IDOL LTD can do everything a freestyler needs it to. When used for foiling the IDOL LTD features a special clew eyelet to be able to position the sail even more upright!

        • designed for radical freestyle
        • extremely lightweight
        • world champion proved



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