How to beat a


perfect season?


An exciting season kicks off soon.


What are the chances for our team riders in the mix?


Time for some fortune telling.





Ambitious PWA, IWT and EFPT event calendars


The IWT season is already running, whilst the 2019 PWA and EFPT contests will kick off in April. The event calendars of all three organisations are packed with a good number of contests on both legendary event sites as well as with interesting new spots:


7 PWA slalom events (France, Japan, Korea, Fuerteventura, Hvide Sande, Sylt, New Caledonia)

5 PWA foil events (Japan, Korea, Costa Brava, Sylt, New Caledonia)

5 PWA wave events (Pozo, Tenerife, Klitmoller, Sylt, Hawaii)

3 PWA freestyle events (Bonaire, Fuerteventura, Sylt)

9 EFPT events (Lake Neusiedl, Costa Brava, Gargano, Lanzarote, Lake Silvaplana, Hvide Sande, Brouversdam)

6 IWT events (Japan, Topocalma, Pistol River, Baja California, Pacasmayo, Hawaii).


How to beat a perfect season?


Victor Fernandez Lopez E-42 has no easy position to defend. Being a wave SUPER HERO and reigning world champion, all eyes will be on him in each and every heat. The 5 planned events on this year’s wave tour could mix things up, as one will be used as a discard. His consistent performance, no matter the conditions, makes him hard to beat.


Adam Lewis K-516  sailed the best 2 seasons of his life. Well, so far. His plan is to break into the TOP 5.

Welcome back Alessio Stillrich G-95! After a leg fracture last winter he is now 100% recovered and landing doubles already. We sorely missed his unique, powerful wave style!


Last year’s freestyle season broke all records: Duotone team rider Gollito Estredo V-11 and Adrien Bosson F-296 took both the world and the vice world title. Will they be able to repeat the same show over 3 PWA freestyle events?

WarpBoyZ hungry for more

Their weapon? The DUOTONE WARP20.19


After sailing 5 years into the TOP 3 (3,3,2,2,3), Pierre Mortefon FRA-14 is ready for the crown. For sure being a dad will instantly give him superpowers.


He is followed by the ever-smiling Dutchman Jordy Vonk NED-69, who sailed onto an incredible 4th place last year. The gap to the BIG 3 is huge and there is a bunch of other sailors fighting for every point – but Jordy is on fire! Everything is possible.


Marco Lang AUT-66 had concluded the 2017 season with a phenomenal 1st place in Sylt. We all expected Lang to begin 2018 with a BANG! Unfortunately, his great career was stopped all of a sudden at the first PWA event by a Korean virus. He had to give in and recover...  Now he is back on stage, and we ask again: CAN LANG BEGIN WITH A BANG?


Meanwhile, Vincent Langer GER-1  defends his Formula World Title and teaches a new generation of slalom champions how to sail super sonic.


Duotone LADies


Our multifunctional freestyle and wave star Arrianne Aukes H-131 travelled the world to find good waves this winter. We are excited how that pays back in her wave heats. As a first glimpse she has already won the first IWT event in Japan. In the freestyle contest however, she will fight her way back to the podium.


María Andrés ESP-2 chases waves on the IWT. Last year she won the events in Baja and Chile and completed the season on a second place.


The WARP Ladies Marion Mortefon FRA-118 (3rd), Esther De Geus Ned-16 (5th) and Jenna Gibson GBR-96 (6th) sailed a great slalom season last year. Beating their own results will be a tough task – but these girls are ready for it!

Kids and Youngsters

We are incredibly proud of the great sailing our young team riders showed us last season.


Our NowKidZ for 2019 are namely: Carlos and Alexia Kiefer Quintana, Julia Pasquale from Gran Canaria, Tobias Bjorna from Denmark and José Casanova Perez from Almerimar. They love the kids version of our SUPER HERO: the NOW.


Grab it like Gollito: Welcome Lina and Val Erzen from Croatia! These two freestyle talents will start a new era of freestyle kids. Their range of manoeuvres is already scary (for Gollito).


Moreover, we support an awesome bunch of young athletes on their way to the top: Noah Vocker, Alex Gran-Guillot, Valentino Pasquale, Michele Becker, Lars Paustian and Arthur Arutkin fight for their first good places in the PWA adult rankings.


Image credits: John Carter (PWA), Jose Pina, TWS Pro Slalom Training