Duotone’s diversity strikes gold at the 2020 ISPO Awards

Duotone Foil Wing_ISPO Gold Winner

Every year, the leading international sports network, ISPO, honours the industry's standout products with the ISPO Award. This week, the Duotone Foil Wing joined the competitive lineup of entrees in the Fitness and Team Sports category, striking gold with the Foil Wing.

Duotone Foil Wing_ISPO Gold Winner

The 2020 event marked a huge milestone for the brand and the now, globe-trending Foil Wing. Coming together with other established industries and their products the vision was to showcase the world-changing power of sports and outdoors. From the aspirational lifestyle they represent to their ability to drive community and drastically improve mental and physical wellbeing, it was a great reminder of why we are committed to our passion of delivering diversity through our designs.

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‘This Gold award highlights how far the Watersports industry has come. It’s a lifestyle and attitude to life which Duotone has played part in creating. For the Foil Wing to win is truly amazing. When Duotone kite designer, Ken Winner, first came to me with the Foil Wing concept I had no idea that it would become such a trend over night. It has added another dimension to the way we ride, more diversity, more fun.


It’s important to mention that Duotone is performance driven. It’s the team of people behind the brand that deliver premium, reliable, and innovative designs; the engineering aspect is what most people don’t see, but it’s what delivers the emotional experience”

Duotone Foil Wing_ISPO Gold Winner

Here’s what the Jury had to say.

“The Duotone Foil Wing enriches the spectrum of water sports activities and makes them more accessible. The design invites you to combine it with other activities, such as skateboarding. Quick to pack and easy to reassemble, it can be easily transported by bike or on the train and is just as easy to use. It also invites you to other activities, such as skateboarding or inline skating.”