Duotone Windsurfing Freeride Range 2020

WARP 20.20

Duotone Windsurfing Sail Warp 2020 Pierre and Jordy Maui

World cup slalom

The WARP 9.0LW won six of the seven eliminations in the 2015 racing season, making it the most successful slalom sail in PWA history. It was our first racing sail with a completely new, revolutionary profile concept called the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN. With extreme propulsion, boundless speed and a design intended for victory with no compromises, this is quite simply the ultimate World Cup racing sail. Thanks to the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN, the WARP 20.20 also possesses greater planing power and acceleration after start and gybe compared to other sails, without requiring more strength on the part of the rider. This gives riders greater strength reserves over the entire racecourse and allows them to concentrate on manoeuvring. Combined with the unrivalled effortlessness of camber rotation, this makes the WARP 20.20 the first choice for more than just World Cup riders. 
More than three years of development went into the profile and design concept of the WARP 20.20, whose panel-based layout takes into account the wide range of factors influencing the rig. And the result is outstanding – with the NO COMPROMISE DESIGN, all WARP sails generate enormous propulsion and more acceleration at the start and after a gybe. The key characteristic is that this propulsion does not kick in abruptly and thus does not require lots of effort to absorb. Instead, the forward pull is much more controlled and effortless than other power slalom sails. This relieves strain on the rider, giving them strength reserves for the rest of the course, and allowing them to concentrate fully on the racing action. And with the correct luff and outhaul tension, the WARP performs across the entire wind range with the same trim.

Duotone Windsurfing Sails 2020 Warp
Duotone Windsurfing Sail Warp 2020 Pierre Mortefon

pierre mortefon:

«The warp 20.20 is quicker to set up, saves more energy and is yet more competitive than any other slalom sails that i´ve ever sailed before



  • NO COMPROMISE DESIGN: An ideal mix of maximum acceleration and constant propulsion without the need for additional effort, and without compromising control and wind range 
  • SIZESPECIFIC DESIGN: With three different size-specific designs, each sail size is adapted to the specific wind strength, down to the minutest details
  • XPLY BATTEN POCKET: Non-stretch and water-resistant (dry weight is equal to wet weight)
  • 7 BATTEN DESIGN: This design makes the WARP 20.20 one of the most lightweight racing sails on the market
  • Saves on weight thanks to the MINI PROTECTOR and the super-lightweight iROCKET 2.0 batten tensioner
  • MODERATE CUTAWAY CLEW: Lower blow-out for more power and more direct forward pull
  • HYPER CAM 2.0: Completely new and technically superior: the camber revolution with adjustable length – for optimised rotation and increased performance
  • ON THE COURSE – FOR THE COURSE: Because it's developed, tested and compared against all similar racing sails under real competitive conditions, we know that with the new WARP 20.20 there’s everything to play for!

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Duotone Windsurfing Sail 2020 Warp Pierre Mortefon Maui


Duotone Windsurfing Sail 2020 S Pace Gollito Arthur Maui
Duotone Windsurfing Sails 2020 S Pace

Performance cam 

The highly sporty, competitive slalom sail with unbelievable forward pull – the S_PACE craves for speed and yet is easy to handle. It carries the racing genes of the WARP for unrestricted power delivery, but at the same time the handling is xtraordinarily simple for this class.



Duotone Windsurfing Chief Tester and Teamrider Marco Lang

CHIEF TesTer & TEAM RiDeR Marco lang:

«3 in 1: the main difference between the s_pace and the warp 20.20 concludes that the s_pace has a massive (downhaul) trim range and therefore can be changed lika a chameleon



  • 3 IN 1 DESIGN: For unprecedented trim range and an extremely wide wind range
  • HYPER CAM 2.0: Completely new and technically superior: the camber revolution with adjustable length – for optimised rotation and increased performance 
  • AERO SLEEVE DESIGN 2.0: Maximum propulsion combined with fast water starting
  • HOLLOW LOWER LEECH: Reduces the boom length without losing power
  • iBUMPER 2.0: Even more lightweight and effective, with integrated trim indicator
  • MINIMUM MAST CONCEPT: Two masts are sufficient for all sail sizes

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Duotone Windsurfing Sails 2020 S Pace Gollito Arthur Maui


Duotone Windsurfing Sails 2020 F Type Jordy Maui
Duotone Windsurfing Sails 2020 F Type


The latest trend is called foiling, and it has given us plenty more days on the water windsurfing! Never before has it been possible to set into motion or ride the waves this quickly with so little wind. To get you started as quickly and as easily as possible, and to make sure the fun never ends while on the water, DUOTONE has introduced the new F_TYPE – the ideal sail for silently hovering over the water.

Duotone Product Designer Sky Solbach

Sky Solbach:

«The f_type sail makes it so much easier to learn to foil surf. i only wish i had had something like this myself back in the day. on top it´s the ideal companion for sup-foiling, the latest trend on Maui when we just try to get onto the wave as quickly as possible with the sup.»


  • The reduced luff curve, four-batten configuration and the Dacron luff combine to create a soft and super-lightweight sail which is ideal for beginners and foil surfing
  • The larger foot surface is adapted to the straighter-standing rig position in order to guarantee ideal aerodynamics and performance
  • SWITCH SOFT CAM: Based on the lower wind pressure, we use our unique SOFT CAMBER, which can even be removed where necessary (removed = optimised handling | fitted = maximum range of use)
  • Reduced loose leech, adjusted to the lower wind pressure
  • VTS 2.0: The optional trim indicator allows you to trim with optimum precision without ever having to check the loose leech at the top (patent pending)
  • TRI PLY foot panel (150 microns): The added third thread line boosts the fabric’s ripstop properties by 30 %

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Duotone Windsurfing Sails 2020 F Type Jordy Maui
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