Duotone_FrenchTeam_PWA WC Tiberias

Becoming PWA World Champion is considered by many to be the highest achievement in windsurfing. For Marion Mortefon, she has finally become a part of this exclusive group as the 2021 PWA Foil World Champion! For Pierre Mortefon, Adrien Bosson and Helle Oppedal, this season they were only one step away, all taking home Vice World Titles.


Our team is a mix of youth and experience, but one thing is for sure – we are outstanding on all levels! Lina Erzen successfully defended her Youth Freestyle World Title, whilst Maria Behrens fought hard in Klitmoller to take home Youth Vice World Champion. 

After a two-year break and a mix up in the competition formats - there were also some new faces on the scene. William Huppert stormed out of the blocks on the foil in Israel with a fantastic first couple of days and in the end to only be overtaken by teammate and stalwart of the slalom podium Pierre Mortefon to finish in 2nd and 3rd. Another new face was the young Norwegian, Helle Oppedal, who’s maiden PWA race bullets in Israel catapulted her up the rankings, but unfortunately for her, not far enough to out-perform teammate Marion Mortefon. Nonetheless, an outstanding performance from both of the #WarpGirlz to take 1st and 2nd in the women’s foil, with Helle also finishing the season as Youth Foil World Champion.


For Marion, a World Title in the Women’s Foil was not enough, and she also challenged right down to the wire for a second World Title in the Women’s Slalom – in the end taking home the Vice World Champion title. Finishing just outside of the podium in this discipline was Sarah Jackson in 4th – an amazing result for her, jumping up from 17th in 2019.

Duotone_MarionMortefon_PWA WC Tiberias


I’m super happy to be Foil World Champion and Slalom Vice World Champion! It’s a dream come true, and I’m ready to get the title next year in the new combined discipline! I’m also happy to keep a world title in the Mortefon family, the next goal will be for sure to be 100% World Champion! Of course, I wish we could run in Marignane - I was really ready for it and focused to win the event, but the luck was not on our side… I feel super competitive with all of my equipment and I’m really looking forward to train hard this winter and progress again in foil and slalom! Now it’s time to have some time off before going back to training in January!



I’m super happy to finish again on the podium – it’s the 7th time for me in a row which is pretty nice! This year was special, especially with the new discipline – I was sure that new faces would show up and they did but to be able to fight for the podium, and almost for the title it makes me super proud and I can’t wait to fight again next year.


Adrien Bosson - freestyle vice world champion

I am really stoked to be on the podium and to end up as the Vice World Champion for the second time. It feels especially good as the contest was in Carro which is my second home spot – I couldn’t ask for more! It is also good motivation for next year as the last two years I didn’t really compete and I didn’t know if I was still in the game or not, so it feels good to be on the podium and to gain more confidence.


lina erzen - freestyle youth world champion

I am very happy that we had the opportunity to compete and see each other again. Like everyone, I wish there was more wind and action, but I’m still very grateful to have finished the single elimination in freestyle. After a few good heats in Carro, I managed to finish in the top 4!! It felt amazing to sail with all the best girls after so much time! I am also very happy and proud to be the Youth World Champion for 2021. I have to say that I don’t think anyone really expected this competition, but I think it turned out great and I hope to come back next year!


helle oppedal, foil vice world champion and foil youth world champion

It feels incredible!! I did not expect to perform this well already so I kinda find it hard to believe that it’s true. I keep thinking that I will wake up from this dream and go back to reality. But I’m slowly starting to understand that this is my reality now. I’m more excited than ever to get back on the race course and fight it out with the girls again!! Cannot wait for more World Cup action next year!



William Huppert, Slalom 3rd Place 

This 3rd place is a big achievement for me and the dedication I gave to the foiling discipline. 3 years ago I set myself some targets and this was one of them - it is great to see that my program is on schedule and I look forward for even better years. I raced really well in Israel during the 9 races which I am proud to have been consistent and mentally strong. Marion Mortefon, Pierre Mortefon and I are on the podium and this demonstrates that the Duotone sails, Fanatic boards and Loke foils are robust and consistent, it’s by far the most versatile equipment and super easy to use too.

We couldn’t be more proud of our team – they have been incredibly dedicated over the last couple of years to not give up when the times have been tough and with no competition and to come through with so many incredible results truly shows what a World Class team we have! We wish them all an enjoyable, well-earned winter break and can’t wait to see them back in training next year to win even more World Titles!


Pics: John Carter/PWA World Tour