SUPER HERO is THE ultimate wave sail which always performs optimally in all wave conditions around the globe. The perfectly balanced sail is the personal favourite of PWA Wave double world champion Victor Fernandez and is a real World Cup asset that is designed specifically for wave usage. Thanks to the absolutely neutral and perfectly balanced handling, its calm handling characteristics are unrivalled and it remains stable and highly controlled in every situation. The SUPER HERO feels like a three-batten design combined with the stability of a five-batten one. The specially developed profile blows out very efficiently and produces high propulsion even when underpowered, which is why it’s suitable for almost all riders, regardless of weight. 


Victor Fernández:

"The SUPER HERO has simply everything: low weight, quick responsiveness like a three-batten design and the stability of a 5-batten one."


XPLY PLUS (100/150 microns): The laminate with the lowest stretch and the best UV and puncture resistance on the market

NEW: TRI PLY foot panel (150 microns): The added third thread line boosts the fabric’s ripstop properties by 30%. 

MADE TO SURVIVE: The SUPER HERO has the smallest monofilm window of all four-batten sails on the market 

HOLLOW LOWER LEECH with additional MINI BATTEN: This stabilises the profile above the boom and prevents leech flutter. 

The additional RADIAL LOAD STRIPES in the clew improve profile stability and extend the wind range. 

BATTEN-FREE CENTER: As responsive as a three-batten model in drift float & go ride conditions and yet astonishingly stable in overpowered conditions 

BUMPER 2.0: Even more lightweight and effective, with an integrated trim indicator 

Virtually unbreakable epoxy battens 

Also available in a monofilm-free HD version