Gianmaria Coccoluto








Top 3 kitesurfing spots?

- My favourite spots are Brazil where I go every winter. Riding Taiba lagoon with all the other riders is very motivating and it helps you to push your riding.

- Sicily (Italy) is my favourite place because it’s close to my hometown and I can train as I like, there is a huge lagoon and wind almost everyday.

- “Daklha Seed spot”- Unluckily I’ve been there only once, but it was love at first sight.


Favourite gear setup?

I do love riding my Team series 142/43 and my 11m Vegas in 22/23 knots because I think this is the best condition to do bigger and to have the perfect slack on the lines.


The biggest achievements in your kiteboarding career

I won 5 times the title of Italian freestyle champion and in 2014 I ranked 2nd at the European Championship.


Your hobbies aside kiteboarding?

My hobbies aside kiteboarding are playing djambe, skating, surfing, supping, skimboarding and everything else that involved a board under my feet!


What do you do on a day without wind?

Waiting for some wind to come! Ahaha :):)


What style of music are you interested in?

I love listening every type of music, it depends from the vibe, but I mostly listen to rap - Reggae and Hip Hop music.


How and why did you start kiteboarding?

Everything started back in 2011 thanks to a good friend of mine. He used to tell me about kiteboarding adventures and they inspired me to want to learn. Unfortunately, it was wintertime and I was advised to wait because of the cold. Spring finally arrived and I was able to get started. Within a few months, I was landing many unhooked tricks and a year later, I won the Italian championship.


Why are you riding for Duotone?

Riding for Duotone is an honour, we are like a family and this is awesome.


What is your main goal for the future?

I would like to be one of the top ranked man in the world championship and I’m training really hard for this!


What training do you do to stay fit?

Since I love eating, I’m trying do to as many sports as I can... Skateboarding, surfing, supping, and some workouts are definitely my favourites!


What would have been your job if you wouldn´t be a pro kiteboarder?

I really don’t know, maybe a would have been a professional sailor.


What´s your favourite food?

My favourite food for sure are Pizza and Pasta .


What did you always want to say?

Where there is a will, there is a way.




Gianmaria Coccoluto