The Santi Font 360 Story

Duotone Kiteboarding Redefine your Limits

When NOÈ submitted this video to the marketing team at Duotone, we absolutely loved it and the perspective it brought about learning new tricks with the help of the Duotone Academy App. So, we caught up with Noè and Santi about the making of and how it was to work together as a father and son team.

Redefine Your Limits, your latest video has just dropped. Tell us how it came to fruition?

NOÈ: There is a note on my iCloud, where I type down ideas and little concepts that I come up with. This one is one of them. It’s been on the list for a very long time and I’m glad we finally made it happen. I got to spend most of the summer at home this year, so it was a good time to bring the idea to life. I talked about the concept with my dad a bunch of times and we always got very sidetracked. We could do this, we could do that, this other thing. In the end we were running out of time and I knew I wanted to make something fairly simple that gets the story across well. It was really fun to work with the family again, just like in the Bubble film. Mum, Dad and Nina were down to help with whatever I needed.

Duotone Kiteboarding Redefine your Limits
Duotone Kiteboarding Redefine your Limits

How long did it take your father to nail the 360?

NOÈ: The funny part is that my Dad has been claiming this one to be the year he learns to 360 for the past four summers and this year was finally the one. He finally learned to consistently do it and I thought we would have to get him to purposely crash for the video, so it was obvious that he was trying so hard. In the end I’m happy we didn’t, we got plenty of funny crashes as he tried. We might have to release a crash reel, some of them are hilarious.

We know Noè is very critical of his work and riding, always wanting to get as close to perfection as possible. How was it to work with your son on this video?

SANTI: You ask me how it was to work with my son? Well, I would say the word sharing is one of the most beautiful words. I could tell stories about the days we spent filming together with Noè, Nina, and Marta, moments of fireworks, but also monsters in the dark. This video illustrates a reality, a memory we shared. And now, all of us are sharing this memory through the movie together. Oh, the beauty of sharing. 

Duotone Kiteboarding Redefine your Limits

What advice do you have for people that want to learn advanced tricks?

SANTI: First is to leave your comfort zone, to be willing to crash a ton of times and get yanked away like a slingshot. Working on land and visualizing has helped me a lot to know exactly where my kite is at all times. There is no need to say everything is easier with a good kite and a nice foil. Which I can’t complain about, as I’m always on the finest stuff. However, the light at the end of the tunnel appeared in the form of the Duotone Academy App. Where I understood and learned many things I’ve taken on to my riding. I can only say good things about this new way of learning and getting better at kiting. I absolutely recommend it to anyone looking to go further. However, I can’t forget my foil partners and friends with their external comments, in particular the contributions by my brother Miquel.

Thanks guys, for your time and for all the entertainment. Stay safe out there!