Lewis Crathern sums up the 2020 REBEL

Duotone Kiteboarding rider review Rebel 2020
Duotone Kiteboarding Teamrider Lewis Crathern

THE 2020 REBEL is a hang-time hero and big air booster. Flowing through every freeride session with its huge wind range and epic depower, it’s hard to imagine how much performance can come from a kite design. We catch up with TEAM RIDER, LEWIS CRATHERN, who’s been rocking the REBEL across the globe for a quick fire round on the kite that redefined kiteboarding.

Hi Lewis. Define the 2020 REBEL.

The 2020 REBEL is the ultimate freeride weapon capable of insane big air and amazing hang time. 

Who’s a typical REBEL rider?

REBEL riders are big air addicts that like to have maximum lift and boost at all times. We are freeriders who continue to enjoy the most unique aspect of our sport, to fly high and stay in the air as long as possible!

Why and when do you use the REBEL?

I go to the REBEL when I require maximum lift for floaty jumps and also huge transitions. It is my choice for fun board-off moves and with its rock solid stability, I always carry REBELS in my quiver to cover a greater wind range.

Talk us through the new materials and construction that enhances its performance.

For 2020, the REBEL features lighter and more durable materials. This contributes to a more reactive feel and also a kite that stands up to the test of time so much better. Weight has been cut in the Trailing Edge, for example, which means there is less of a weight gradient to the canopy material.

Whats the biggest standout performance features for 2020?

Lighter Trailing Edge wave patch for reduced flutter and TE flutter marks. Cleaner, more durable leech panel design for increased structural stiffness. Crisper feel.

Duotone Kiteboarding Rider review Lewis Crathern