Get to know - Clement Roseyro


Fresh off a two-week trip with the Duotone & Fanatic Wing Foil Team in Mauritius, CLEMENT RESEYRO scored perfect conditions and proclaims Le Morne to be his new favourite place for winging, but his ultimate mission remains to wing foil Nazare, Portugal on a big swell! 




“I'm scared, but I stay calm. If you are not scared, you are crazy.”

The French waterman from Biarritz has grown up in the European hot spot for riding big waves and has proven that he has the skills and courage to take on the biggest waves of the world. 

Clement's personality is inspiring and he has an insatiable passion to push himself out of his comfort zone at every moment, every day, in everything he does. We learn what he loves about wing foiling in this interview and the video below.


Clement, you are an incredible surfer on short, long and SUP boards and an experienced kite surfer as well? When and how did you get into all these watersports?

We moved to Biarritz, when I was still a little kid and there, I started to go on the water with bodyboards at five years old. At six, I got my first surfboard and did my first competitions at the age of nine. When I was 18 years old, I learned to kite to be on the water every day as it sometimes gets windy in Biarritz. Kiting on the foil is so good, so I thought, why not go foiling with the wing.

What is the best part of wingfoiling for you?

You are so free on the water. It is a new sport and winging is the only watersport where I find I can enjoy flat water conditions for a week. You can do a lot of things on the wing, even if it is not crazy freestyle tricks, it’s so much fun!


Usually, we see you on waves. What is the secret and what is your vision for wingfoiling in waves?

Yes, I'm always on the waves and rarely riding flat water. You need to be very focused on your actions when you are on a big wave. Stay calm, stay positive, every day, every moment when you're on the water! I like to push for more: more waves, more air, and bigger waves for sure! My dream is to wing foil Nazare on a massive swell. I really want to go there. 

What are your favourite conditions in winging?

Here in Mauritius, it is just perfect! With the Side-shore wind and waves double overhead.

Does it give you a bigger thrill to ride double overhead on the wing than on the surfboard!
Yes, for sure, you have to be very focused! You can't fall. If you fall, you break maybe the wing, maybe the foil, or maybe youself!

How would you describe yourself in three words?

Impatient, motivated, I like to push myself!


Hear what Clement’s Duotone & Fanatic Teammates have to say about him and his riding after the recent photo shooting. 

Olivia Jenkins

“He's the same as me: He loves to kite and he loves to wing and he loves to surf. And every time there's a little break in between, he motivates me to go kiting or surfing. It is cool to see another rider who's so determined to push himself to be the best he can at all the different sports. His style is very lively. We were out at Manawa last night and he came from behind me on the wave and suddenly did like five jumps down the wave.It was quite funny. He was trying to jump all the way down the wave! He's a really incredible rider!”


Henning Nockel

“His whole attitude with the Waves inspires me! I was talking to him about his Nazare attempts and how he gets into the mood for big waves and how he's preparing the jet ski and his friends. It’s always inspiring listening to somebody that surfs big waves - and obviously he's not afraid! We are for sure going to see him riding huge waves because this is where he feels comfortable.”

CLEMENT ROSEYRO | Team Rider Video