{"items":[{"uid":591,"title":"Namibia - Off The Beaten Path Part II","short":"Not all who wander are lost. In the second part of the Episode \u201cOff the Beaten Path\u201d, the Duotone Team wanted to loose track of time in the desert, smash some waves and jump from some insanely high dunes! Let\u2019s get lost in Namibia!","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/5panCF5f31s","image":"fileadmin\/user_upload\/Website_new_thumbnail.png"},{"uid":589,"title":"INFINITY","short":"Infinity - a foil trip in the beautiful Caribbean. Come and join Jeremie Tronet, Jerome Bonieux and Jean-Guillaume Rivaud on this incredible trip in turquoise water and endless sunshine. They wish it never ended and they were just caught in an infinite loop!","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/DN9Ij5z6WkA","image":"fileadmin\/user_upload\/Video_thumbnail.jpg"},{"uid":588,"title":"Namibia - Off The Beaten Path","short":"Namibia\u2019s vast, otherworldly, desolate and endless landscapes may seem the antithesis of an ideal road trip, yet we found it to be one of the most beautiful countries on the planet and one of our most exciting kiteboarding trips yet!","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/GcCxFuf6bV0","image":"fileadmin\/user_upload\/Video_thumbnail_02.jpg"},{"uid":587,"title":"MATCHU LOPES - Tell your story - Duotone Academy App","short":"Matchu Lopes : I\u2019ve spent years pushing for what I wanted in waves, but then I re-alised you have to be patient and read what\u2019s out there. You can\u2019t control mother nature, but you can prepare for that perfect set, the next section\u2026 kite control is the most important thing, the rest is experience.\"","description":"","video":"https:\/\/\/embed\/WBWZw-n3Fe4","image":"fileadmin\/user_upload\/Video_thumbnail_03.jpg"}],"next":"\/kiteboarding\/more\/about-us\/videos\/videos.json?offset=8&cHash=1b18877ebeaaab0bd88beaa192119460&tx_videooverview_videooverview[action]=json","count":251}