#truecommitment - Tom Court


There is no truer testament to our sport than the pure motivation that it can give you. Tom Court has shown us over the past few years that not only can you come back from blowing a knee, but you can come back from it twice! In his last video clip ’This Windy Planet’ he sum’s up his state of mind after having back to back knee surgeries and the inspiration that kiteboarding has given him to overcome one of life biggest challenges.

“Over the last few years I have faced what I thought was my worst nightmare; injury. After blowing my ACL in the Triple-S competition two years consecutively, I didn’t think that I would be able to get back on a board again. However, just the thought of getting back on the water has kept me motivated through thick and thin, stoping at nothing to get back out there. One thing that I have learned though out all of it, is that kiteboarding is precious to me and now I turn my energy to representing the sport the best I can to give the younger generations of shredders a platform with which to succeed”


It’s examples like this that show us #truecomitment to the sport that we all love and Tom’s continued devotion to developing and representing the products that allow us to have as much fun as possible when we hit the water. That remind us that without the wind and waves we are powerless to achieve our true potential. At Duotone we are #TrueKiteboarding.

'Windy Planet'

by Tom Court

Windy Planet