Toeside takeoffs and Tootsie Rolls

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REDEFINE YOUR LIMITS and tune into toeside takeoffs with the Duotone Academy.


This week we’re excited to release eight new, unhooked freestyle moves that will drive your motivation to ride.


Over more than a decade, our team of pure talent and innovative athletes have made this discipline versatile, stylish and technical.


Inspired by the likes of Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court and Noé Font, this is your moment to join, experience and share the stage with the world’s best.

1. Start at the Basecamp of unhooked toeside tricks with the Toeside Raley. Speed, Pop and back leg engagement is the key to getting airborne.

2. Landing your Toeside Raley back to toeside, might come more naturally to you once you’re feeling comfortable landing heelside. Switch it up for a little more style.

3. Feeling the flow? Take your Toeside Raley landing to blind. The secret to success is keeping the bar close to your hip and look to where you want to go; your body will always follow.

4. Whip the Toeside Raley round, landing to wrapped. With a little more height, keeping your balance throughout the rotation is key.

5. Get inverted and add the iconic Crowmobe to your toeside repertoire. Once you’ve got the more aggressive takeoff dialled in, you’ll be springing into the next level of unhooked freestyle.

6. Twist into the Totsie Roll and hit new heights of unhooked riding. Make the pass count with momentum and stability.

7. If the Pete Rose is on your hit list, the toeside takeoff and counter rotation of a backroll is a challenge, but stick it to blind and you’re onto a winner.

8. Hit the G-Spot and you’re one step closer to the smooth Back Mobe. A small kicker or wave will give you that extra lift whilst a compact body positioning keeps the core engaged and rotations agile.

As the Duotone Kiteboarding Academy grows both as a community and limitless library of how-to’s, stay interactive and we’ll fuel your motivation. Be sure to upload your videos to the APP, get feedback from our Pro riders and connect with the global network of like-minded kiteboarders.

The sky’s the limit and it’s yours for the taking.

Enjoy your ride with the Duotone Kiteboarding Academy.