Airton Cozzolino reviews the new 2019 Duotone Neo


Airton Cozzolino is a rider that inspires kiteboarders worldwide with his never ending drive to push the boundaries of the sport. He’s a true waterman, excelling as much in the surf as he does on flat water. His talent and potential is a motivator for our designers and with the Neo being his kite of choice, every year our goal is to improve upon our line to deliver what top riders, like Airton, need. 


Hi Airton, why do you ride the DUOTONE Neo?

I choose to ride the Neo as it is everything I look for in a kite. From tucking into barrels to pulling the trigger on a mega loop I know it has the potential to meet my demands.

It’s powerful, reactive to my steering input and has amazing drift. I always know where it is in the air and it’s always ready for action.

I also like that if I feel like trying something new the Neo is there for me. Like in Fuerteventura, I wanted to go as big as possible. I sent the kite and I flew for 20 seconds!

What makes it special in the waves?

The Duotone Neo is super powerful so you can ride 1-2 sizes smaller than on another model. It powers up in an instant to get you out past the white water or onto the face of the wave. Once on a wave, the Neo is easy to depower, drifting down-the-line without disrupting my flow through turns on the face. When I’m ready to get out, I simply power up the kite again and I’m off.


How does it perform in Strapless Freestyle?

The Duotone Neo has perfect bar pressure so you can always tell where it is. It’s super stable with great drift so I never worry about it falling out of the sky when I’m sliding backwards through a rotation. It’s an easy flyer with amazing relaunch, strong construction and manoeuvrability.

Who will enjoy the Duotone Neo 2019?

Anyone who is looking for a dedicated wave kite with lots of performance will love the Neo. Some of the qualities that make it a pure wave kite also make it a great performer in other aspects such as mega looping and freeriding. It’s stable, predictable and powerful, with easy relaunch and a really good bar feel. It’s a real team player.