Rider review Evo 2022

Hello and welcome to another Rider review. Today we are chatting with New Caledonian TOM HEBERT and Brazilian RENO ROMEO about the new EVO

Welcome, guys. So give us your impressions of the new EVO, let's kick it off with you, Tom. 

Tom Hebert: I was really impressed with the speed of the kite because I ride big sizes as I like to do hang time and old school tricks. When using the 12 or 13 meter, it was nearly as quick as a 10. To begin with I was a bit worried I would find it harder to do my tricks, because I like to be very stable and generally slower kites, as I like to leave just one hand on my bar, but in the end, I found out I could put it wherever I wanted very fast and this is actually an advantage. So it was pretty cool.

Reno Romeu: My impression of the new Evo for 2022 is that it is very, very good. It’s a kite that I really like to ride. It’s the kite that is more the style that I like, this year the kite gives me more feedback on the bar, so I can rely on it much more. For the tricks that I'm doing, it's really nice to have more bar pressure, so I can still feel the kite and where it is. It doesn't matter if I'm upside down or backwards, I can always feel the kite with the new Evo. This helps me to pull out technical tricks. Also the kite turns in a way that is more progressive, which also gives you more confidence to throw nice kite loops. It's a really versatile kite. You can do anything on it, you can jump super nice, you can loop it, you can wave ride and it's nice for foiling as well. It’s basically the same Evo, but even more reliable. On the feeling at the bar, you can trust the kite, especially in the loops, the bar pressure is a little heavier than before, which is nicer to have more feedback so you know where the kite is at all times.

Sounds like some good improvements all around, especially in freestyle and moves where you need to know where your kite is at all times.

Reno Romeu: Exactly, it's always hard to get that balance, but I think the balance right now to have a light enough bar pressure, but also a bar pressure good enough to trust to send your tricks is really nice.

"it's my kite of choice... you can do everything"

Tom, you've also been doing some freestyle on it to tell us how it feels for that.
Tom Hebert: Yeah, for sure, I do a bit of everything, that's why I really like the Evo, you feel the feedback of the kite, you don't need to look at it every time, you just know where it is. That's why it's my kite of choice. When compared to the other models, you can do everything. When you don’t feel like jumping high or doing old school you can do some freestyle, waves or foiling which is nice to have a kite that you can do all of that.

So you’ve both had the Evo and Evo SLS for a little while now. How would you compare the two Kites? Let's start with you, Tom. 
Tom Hebert: They are pretty similar in feel, but I feel like the Evo SLS is slightly better for my style because of the faster response. It's hard to compare both kites because they have different materials. The SLS is much lighter, so it will be much better in low wind. But both kites are very good. 

Okay, what are your impressions of the Evo and Evo SLS Reno?

Reno Romeu: The difference I find is quite big, the SLS is more extreme and radical, for example, the spins are faster the kite reacts faster, because of the SLS material which is more rigid. It’s quicker travelling through the window and in turning speed, it's a more aggressive kite. So if you want to have a more aggressive kite, and also more low and high end as well, the SLS is better. You'll have a bigger wind range than the classic Evo and a more extreme kite, the classic Evo is a more mellow version.

There's been a little bit of talk about the classic Dacron construction, almost being smoother in gusty conditions. Can you tell us how the EVO rides in those conditions Reno?

Reno Romeu: It has kind of the same feeling, the difference is that you feel it a little bit later than the SLS, the Evo SLS is really sharp so you feel everything straight away. The Evo is a really nice kite for riding during the gusts because it combines the best parts from a Bow kite with a little bit of Delta and a little bit of the C shape feeling at the bar, so it's a nice mix of everything, that's why it's such a great all-around kite.

One of the big features of the EVO that people really love is the sheet and go, does it still have this?
Reno Romeu: Yes, the sheet and go is amazing and makes the Evo a really easy kite to learn on. I think if I could choose any of the Duotone kites to put someone who just learned to kite, I would definitely give them the Evo, because the sheet and go is so amazing and it's nice and easy to relaunch, also, the price is not as high as the SLS for example. It's a nice investment in the beginning and then after you improve, you might want to get something more extreme if you want to have even better pop or faster shooting up in a jump. At that point, if you try the SLS you're going to be like, okay, I want the SLS, but I think it's a really nice all-rounder to progress with fast

It’s also a great choice if you're not sure what discipline you want to focus on or even if you are a rider who does it all, it’s a really nice kite to just keep riding for hours. Foiling, loops, jumps or freestyle, the Evo does it all. It flies forward in the window which makes it great for going upwind, it gives you a good angle and sits there in front of you when you are doing a downwinder, so it's just a really great all-around and complete kite.

So there we have it, that’s Reno's and Tom's thoughts on the new EVO classic. To hear rider's opinions on the rest of the kites in our range, check out the Rider Reviews on the Duotone blog and for further information on the Evo, check out the Behind the Design blogs with our kite designer, Ralf Grösel. Thanks again for your time. I'm your host Toby Bromwich, and we'll see you next time with another Rider review.