Neo - Interview with Ken Winner


What did you set out to achieve for the 2019 DUOTONE Neo?

Above all we want to ensure that the Duotone Neo never loses it’s central purpose, which is to be the go-to surf kite for top level, hardcore wave riders like Airton, Sky and Patri. We’re always tweaking and adjusting to find the best possible combination of power, turning, drift and intuitive bar feel.


Were there any challenges along the way and how did you overcome them?

No, no unusual challenges. Our design and testing process runs smoothly, like an expensive German automobile. We look for kite qualities that can be improved and we systematically test design mods intended to achieve the improvements. This was a straightforward process of design, build, test, design, build test.


What are the main design and performance updates for this year’s model ?

  • The leading edge arc is flatter in middle which gives better resistance to backstall
  • LE segments are longer which moves bridle anchor points out and down. This gives the Neo a more surf-oriented feel and performance; more continuous power while turning the kite and better drift.
  • The above changes have permitted us to go a little bigger in the LE and deeper in the canopy profile for more grunt, more continuous power in turns and better drift.
  • The 2018 Neo had a little hiccup in the turns when being yanked around hard in a good breeze. We got rid of that.


Why choose the 2019 DUOTONE Neo?

There’s no better wave kite for anyone who wants to achieve serious performance improvements in their wave riding.


Which line lengths do you recommend across the different sizes?

This is an issue of personal preference, but Sky and I use 22s a lot on sizes 5m to 10m. The 11m and 12m are a bit more nimble on 19s, though loose a little power. The 3m and 4m are clearly better on 24s as the longer lines smooth out and lengthen the power stroke.


Any tips for using the different settings?

The Adaptive Tip adjustment allows the user to adjust bar pressure and choose between a light feel through the bar or more direct feedback from the kite. A lighter bar is easier on the arms but gives a less direct ‘eyes-off’ feel for the kite.

The front bridle adjustment allows you to choose between a more surfy feel or a more depowered freeride feel.

In a nutshell, what´s new for the 2019 Duotone Neo?

The 2019 Duotone Neo remains true to its roots and its purpose in life. It’s the go-to surf kite for all good and aspiring wave riders.