Juice rider review


Hello and welcome to another Rider Review. Today we catch up with RENO ROMEO to talk about the new JUICE

Hear the Full Review

Hear the Full Review

Hi Reno, you’ve had the new Juice for a couple of months now, give us your impressions of the kite?
The new Juice is more reliable, it's much better when you’re overpowered. It turns quickly and the bar pressure is really light, which is nice for light wind, otherwise, your arms get super tired fast. If the wind is building, you still can ride the kite for a long time, the kite is more agile and more predictable. I feel the same changes as I felt from the Evo 2021 model to the Evo 2022. 

Tell us a little bit about the wind conditions you’ve ridden it in and have you been riding both twin tip and the foil board with the juice?
I have been using the Juice in Kenya, where the wind was from really light to also strong. I really like the Juice for foiling, because the aspect ratio of the kite is really high, which gives you a really good angle upwind. It’s a three strut kite, which makes it lighter and easier to control and keeps flying in really light wind. Foiling in light winds is amazing on the Juice. I had some other days know around 16-18 knots, which is a lot for a 15 meter for my weight. The lift and hang time was amazing. I could jump over islands, do all of my board-off tricks. If you want to start foiling with eight knots all the way to be riding a twin-tip in almost 20 knots the Juice is a great choice!

So currently, we have the Juice D/LAB, which is the pinnacle of light wind performance in the range. How would you say the Juice compares to the Juice D/LAB?
I mean, the Juice D/LAB and the Juice are very different, the main difference is the capability of the kite's stability and being able to fly it in super light wind. 


Okay, great. What is your favorite characteristic about the Juice?
My favorite characteristic of the Juice is that it is a three strut kite, I think in all big kites it's really nice to have three struts as it makes the kite lighter and also more agile. It makes a lot of difference when you're riding in light wind and you’re looking for more performance.

Okay, and who in your opinion should get the Juice?
In my opinion, the kind of rider who should get the Juice is someone looking to foil in light conditions and have a lot of upwind performance and also be on a twin-tip cruising around in light winds with the ability to do nice lofty jumps with a lot of hang time. It’s a great kite for any board-off or old school moves!


Thank you Reno for the great insights. Thank you for taking the time to talk us through your opinions on the new Juice.
You're very welcome.