JUICE 2019 - Designer Interview with Ralf Grösel


What did you set out to achieve for the 2019 JUICE?


For 2018, the JUICE was totally redesigned in order to deliver the market what it wanted: a light wind, performance orientated kite fit for twin tip riding and foiling. The result was exceptional and set the stage for the 2019 design process. I wanted to achieve optimum balance, a reduction in overall weight and to redefine the smaller sizes.

What was the R&D process for the JUICE?


In order to create the ultimate light wind construction for light wind conditions you have to look at the materials you’re using. I spent time sourcing the best materials possible and a full season testing. We needed to ensure the combination of lightness, durability, premium quality and long lifespan. Having achieved a lighter weight, the handling and response became better automatically. Then we fine tuned.


What are the main design and performance update for this year’s model?


A lighter, stiffer Dacron Frame and inflatable sections, combined with a thinner, lighter PU bladder foil create a clean and stiff canopy for a responsive ride. More specifically, by reducing the overall weight of the LE the general load is shifted back to the framing edge resulting in better balance. All of these factors contribute to better flight in light conditions.

Why choose the 2019 JUICE?

The JUICE is specifically designed for anyone looking to maximise their time on the water.  Equipped with excellent upwind performance and old school jumping abilities, the range of sizes open up a new playground to Twintip and Foil riders alike. No wind no worries.


Which line lengths do you recommend across the different sizes and any tips for the range of settings?


24m lines are ideal for all sizes. I recommend the 4-Line Click Bar due to its high depower range. We have our three standard settings - Soft, Medium and Hard . 

  • Soft : Use this setting if you are a light rider looking for the best water-relaunch ability.
  • Medium : As always, this setting is the factory setting and perfect compromise between turning ability, water-relaunch and handling.
  • Hard : If you are using the JUICE as an old-school jumping machine, use this setting. Especially if you are above 95kg, you will see an increased precision in bar feedback and structural stiffness.

In a nutshell, what´s new for the 2019 Juice?

There’s no other light wind kite like it. The 2019 JUICE represents state of the art design, specifically sourced material, and optimised light wind performance. It’s balanced, user friendly and made for twin tip and foil boarders looking to make the most of their time on the water.