In the hands of Hadlow

Duotone Kiteboarding_hadlow review_Vegas 2020

HADLOW handles the performance testing of the VEGAS during the prototyping stage together with Designer Ralf Grösel. It’s a slick seamless process, with Aaron delivering feedback after each run and Ralf adapting a feature or setting. And so it goes on until it’s perfected, signed off and ready for production.

Duotone Kiteboarding_hadlow review_Vegas 2020

As the most specific, competition kite for the freestyle / wakestyle rider, the Vegas takes our team to the top and inspires the next generation. Hadlow’s career has grown with a C-kite, as a light weight grom to the most established world champ -  so he demands that performance is accessible for all freestyle riders. Then came the King of the Air, which he dominated twice with the VEGAS and its predictability to perform when directed, delivering confidence as it reliably returns zenith before touchdown.

“The VEGAS is my go to kite; always has been, always will be. Reliable steering, stability a high performance, it still inspires for unhooked freestyle as this kite gives you the pop and slack you need for powered moves.

This year we’ve come a long way with the materials. Still basing around our Trinity TX canopy material, we’ve succeeded in creating 75 gram RipStop allowing for a less aggressive Trailing Edge wave patterns for enhanced structure stiffness. Stable in strong winds and sitting comfortably at the edge of the wind-window and catching you.


Hardcore wakestyle/freestyle riders should use the small Click Bar with 22m lines across all sizes, with the option of both 5 and 6-line setup for the ultimate unhooked experience.

Duotone_Kiteboarding_hadlow review_Vegas 2020