Girl Power


Girl Power

Give the Duotone girls a stage and they’ll give you a show stopping performance. 

There’s no doubt that we have a strong line of female athletes featuring on the WKC World Tour. Some have been part of the sport and Duotone family for years, while others are new faces, showcasing huge talent that captured our eye and have been shaking up the competition scene ever since. 

The latest event in Akyaka, Turkey was an absolute dream, with consistent winds and flat water fit for freestyle showdown.



She’s been waiting in the wings for her chance to shine in the Elite Championships, since the rules state you have to be turning 14 years old that year in order to join the pro line up. Finally, 13 year old Mikaili Sol had her chance to step into the arena with some of kiteboarding’s heavyweights and her debut performance proved that the industry has a star in the making. Advancing through the heats with a calm head and solid tricks, her riding was powerful, technical and enough to come out in 1st place.  


Paula Novotna is a strong and powerful athlete with a shed load of competition experience. When she sets her sights on something and things go her way, she’s unstoppable - which we saw when she landed five solid trick in classic Novotna style to secure her spot in the finals. With a clear eye on the podium she attacked the heat with determination, finishing her heat with a 9.07 score for her Heart Attack, launching her into 2nd place.

Francesca Bagnoli is a fighter and not a rider you want to come up against in early rounds of competition. During the event, Francesca spent time responding to the tricks laid down by her opponent. A strategical rider, she stomped many impressive tricks including a good Hinterberger Mobe. She finishes this event in 3rd place.


Claudia Leon is another new face on the Elite Championship. At just 17 years old, her riding was up there with the best, landing impressive moves such as Slim Chance’s and S-Bend's to Blind. Although Claudia lost out to Bagnoli in an earlier heat of the competition by one point, she finished the event in 4th place, a great result for her first WKC Elite Championship.


Congratulations to our girls! The event was a huge success and it seems the kiteboarding world is about to witness some exciting times as the next generation of the world’s best rise up the freestyle ranks.