Duotone x Porsche: Two drivers of innovation

Till Eberle, CEO of Boards & More GmbH (l.) and Deniz Keskin, Director Brand Management of Porsche (r.)

Duotone has announced a brand cooperation with Porsche. Till Eberle, CEO of Boards & More, about serious engagement, joint chances of development and technology without limitations.

Till, what’s it all about this cooperation with Porsche and how did it start?
When Porsche decided to get involved with kitesports, it was simply logic they would find their way to the worldwide market leader Duotone. We as drivers of innovation are of course a perfect match. And I have to say, I think it’s really cool, as for me Porsche is the most iconic and most progressive sportscar brand in the world. I believe the engagement of such a legendary sportscar manufacturer will help kitesports to a way higher acceptance, which will also help the development of the sport in general.

After the first meetings, we realized the potential to work together with such a fantastic partner from a different field and started to brainstorm in which direction we could cooperate and how to use existing synergies. Duotone and Porsche fit very well together. We don’t only have brand values in common, but also a joint vision of how to develop the sport of kitesurfing.

Don’t you have doubts Porsche only wants to fuel their brand with the image of kitesurfers?
Kiting is the most performant, most modern and most progressive sports existing in watersports at the moment. Of course Porsche thinks this target group is interesting. But we noticed, Porsche is absolutely serious, and their engagement is already very diverse. For example, they are already sponsoring athletes and the King of the air. Together with us, they enter an exclusive brand cooperation. And it’s not just a marketing cooperation, but a profound cooperation with depth.

What does a profound cooperation with depth mean in detail? In which areas will Duotone and Porsche work together? And what is Duotone expecting from Porsche?
To us it’s very important that our customers directly profit from the cooperation with Porsche. At the moment we’re working on three different projects:

At first, we’re finalizing a new version of the Duotone Academy app. It includes everything what kiters want to know on and off the water. In December the app is being relaunched with plenty of new features, including specific fitness exercises, which are presented by Porsche athletes and their coaches, adding their know how.

Secondly, the partnership with Porsche will result in further creative content for all kitesports enthusiasts, like for example the new Duotone Magazine, which will be available for free in March 2022.

Thirdly, our R&D team will be exchanging thoughts with the research and development department of Porsche, to work at product innovations of the future together. This could get very interesting.

Could you tell us more about that?

We at Duotone always want to offer the best equipment for all disciplines in kitesports and are continuously trying to shift the limits of what’s possible in kite design. Therefore we’re at the forefront of our industry. Also, Porsche for us stands for technology leader in research and development. We are having an inspiring exchange which is enabling us to explore new ideas, to create even more innovative solutions for the sports of kitesurfing. Unfortunately, I can’t go more into detail yet.

At Porsche, a sportscar costs about 100.000 Euro. At Duotone we see very high-performance kites like the D/LAB versions at prices of about 3.000 Euro. Will I soon not be able anymore to afford Duotone? Will it become a too exclusive brand for me?

No, definitely not. We are offering the full range of products. At Duotone, customers have all possibilities from entry level to the latest high-tech-product. That’s exactly why we’re offering Duotone products in three different technologies – Original, SLS and D/LAB – which also of course vary in price. The connecting factor of those production lines is our urge for innovation. Currently we’re investing a lot in new and different materials, which will make it possible to create even better performing kites.

But I also have to mention: what is high-end-technology today, might be the production standard in five years. Often a new technology gets more affordable when produced in higher quantities. D/LAB is an approach, with which we want to explore the limits of what’s possible technologically. If we would not think free, without any limitations, the sport would not continue to develop.