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Boost your kiteboarding skills in no time coached personally by our top team riders!

We introduced the Duotone Academy App a fair while ago. Offering in-depth explanations & instructional videos of over 160 tricks for beginners, intermediate and advanced riders and a huge library — all 100% free of charge! Covering everything from basic unhooked manoeuvres to the latest, hardcore unhooked freestyle moves as well as tips & tricks for wave riding lovers, passionate foilers and strapless freestyle frothers, the feedback has been fantastic.


And with the help of the App you might already have a few new moves under your belt… or should we say harness. ;)


If, however, regardless of all the videos, instructions, explanations, key moment listings and tips that are already available in the App, things are still not coming together for you, don’t despair!!


To get you over any remaining hurdles, we added another level of help to make sure that you will stick that move and can add it to your bag of tricks once and for all:

Duotone is stoked to announce a brand-new feature within our Academy App: The SUPER COACHES!

For each discipline we have hand-picked some of the best in the field for you:


Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Super Coaches Jeremie Tronet

Beginner / Hooked / Foil

The Caribbean King of Old-School, master of the Jesus Walk, foil-lord and owner of the JT Pro Center kitesurfing school on Union Island, where most of the instructional videos for the App were filmed.


Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Super Coaches Colleen Carroll

Beginner / Hooked

Slider & Kicker shredding Hood River local and multiple winner of the Triple-S Invitational.


Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Super Coaches Sebastian Ribeiro

Wave / Strapless

Wave slaying Brazilian Wave/Strapless Freestyle Champion, GKA competitor and one of the most influential wave riders on tour.


Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Super Coaches Aaron Hadlow


Do we really need to say anything here…? Aaron Hadlow is Aaron Hadlow. ;)


Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Super Coaches Lasse Walker

Hooked / Unhooked

Red Bull Megaloop Challenge Winner, pushing the limits of the sport to the max and one of the most exciting riders to watch in big air.


Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Super Coaches Lewis Crathern

Hooked / Unhooked

Multiple British Champion, “infamous” pier jumper, Red Bull Megaloop Legend & King of the Air contestant, event commentator and so much more…


Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Super Coaches Jerome Bonieux


Mauritian foiling legend, part of our R&D team and largely responsible for the amazing performance of our foil range as well as he’s also the brain behind the idea and very first prototype of the revolutionary Click Bar.

Learn from the best – progression guaranteed, get in touch with your personal SUPER COACH and you’re good to go!

It’s easy:

Get a mate to film or photograph you doing the move, upload it into the App and get your personal Super Coach to mentor you through it.


Ask specific questions regarding what’s holding you back from landing that trick, why you keep crashing, what to change to make that top turn more powerful or how to start trying to pull into barrels with your kite? Whatever the problem is with your progression, pick the brains of our riders.

Duotone Kiteboarding_Super Coaches_Duotone Academy

Our SUPER COACHES have made it their priority to push you to the next level in your kiteboarding, so what are you waiting for — just send it!