Capturing #truecommitment with Tom Court

Duotone Kiteboarding #TrueCommitment Tom Court
Duotone Kiteboarding #TrueCommitment

Kicking off Duotone’s 2020 ‘news from across the globe,’ is Tom Court.


A Duotone original, Tom joined the international team along with Reno Romeu, following the first Young Blood camp we launched under the wings of committed waterman, Jaime Herraiz decades ago.

In addition to his industry personality he’s an integral part of the brand, creating video content that encompasses what we represent.


The latest clip from our ‘True’ series, is #truecommitment - The Hard Road. Filmed by Tom and featuring his Father, Andrew Court, we catch up with him to find out why a day spent following in his Dad’s tracks was the perfect formula to capture the authenticity of what it means to be committed.

Hi Tom, why was your father the perfect match for the movie?

He’s a true example of somebody that revolves his entire life around the next session. Nothing stops him from getting on the water; storms, rain, snow, sunshine, he’s out there regardless. The sport encourages commitment and it’s his passion that is the driving force behind that.


How did the #truecommitment topic come about?

Commitment to kiteboarding is what unites the global kiteboarding community, it’s a key pillar in our sport.


How has your Dad’s commitment evolved over the years?

As the sport has evolved, so has he. From twin tip riding to chasing waves all over the world, now foiling and generally having fun with all of them. Although he lives on the Isle of Wight in harsh climates, there’s nothing that will stop him.

How has he inspired your career?

Watching him enjoy every element of the sport has been a massive driver for me and seeing how there are no boundaries to kiteboarding inspires me every day. My Dad definitely instilled my commitment to the sport.


What was it like filming the episode with your father?

It was very natural, but on his schedule. He doesn’t ever do anything for his image which I think is a huge factor in commitment and never waits for the perfect conditions. There was no planning, I just shadowed him, capturing the moments in their purest form. This video is as authentic as it comes.


How has your father’s commitment to sport shaped him as a person?

It’s shaped him in every way and changed his life in many, all the way down to inspiring him as an architect who can work remotely with specific projects that fit to the work - play balance.

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 "Kiteboarding is different for everybody. Not everybody has the luxury of escaping to warm water and dreamy destinations. Some have to take the hard road. Weeks without wind and dreary days can leave you feeling deprived, until that forecast hits and you forget about everything else..."

Duotone Kiteboarding #TrueCommitment Andrew Court
Duotone Kiteboarding_#TrueCommitmentDuotone Kiteboarding #TrueCommitment Andrew Court

#TRUEcommitment - The Hard Road

#TRUEcommitment - The Hard Road