"BLOWMINDER" - Edgar Ulrich and the new Evo SLS

Evo SLS Duotone Kiteboarding Edgar Ulrich BLOWMINDER

Edgar Ulrich got his hands a little earlier on the EVO SLS and shows us the potential of this kite in his latest clip "BLOWMINDER". We caught up with him where he tells us about all the playgrounds for the new EVO SLS.

#TRUESTORIES​ - Interview with Edgar Ulrich about the Evo SLS

Evo SLS Duotone kiteboarding edgar ulrich BLOWMINDER
Evo SLS Duotone kiteboarding edgar ulrich BLOWMINDER

Hi Edgar, that was an awesome clip you put together riding on the Evo SLS, tell us about the filming of that clip and the locations you shot.

Hi! Thanks, I really liked this edit too! We shot this video in Gruissan, it’s a spot close to Leucate, France. We had pretty good conditions and shot this video in only two days.

How long have you had the Evo SLS kites and what spots around the world have you ridden them?

I’ve had my 8 Meter Evo SLS since the middle of September, and I had the chance to ride the 9 and 12 Meter with Reno in Brazil. We had the chance to try it out and get used to it little by little. I think you can do way more with the SLS kite than with the standard kite!


Do you have a favourite feature about the kite?

I love this kite because in strong wind at full power the kite is not deforming and in light wind, even in 10 knots you can still freestyle! It creates so much apparent wind and also the kite sits further on towards the edge of the window, so these features are a real step up for this year.

Evo SLS Duotone kiteboarding edgar ulrich BLOWMINDER
Evo SLS Duotone kiteboarding edgar ulrich BLOWMINDER

Speaking to Reno (Romeu) and Aaron (Hadlow) they mentioned the Evo SLS flies further forward in the wind window, enhancing the upwind performance and increasing the wind window with an added area overhead, transforming the jumping characteristics. How have you found this and how has it been to adapt to the new possibilities of riding the Evo SLS?

I had to adapt also, but it’s the key to gaining the performance from the new kite. You can use the extended wind window for going higher when sending loops, even the upwind performance for free riders is a big bonus.

So almost like you have an extended wind window, do you find you get more vertical lift?

Yeah exactly, when doing loops, you get more vertical lift and sending your loops everything stays perfectly controlled.


What sizes of the Evo SLS do you have in your quiver?

I currently ride the 8 Meter for big air and kite loops, the 10 also for big air and loops and the 12 meter when conditions are light and you can have some good freestyle hooked or unhooked. When everyone else is just watching from the beach!

Evo SLS Duotone kiteboarding edgar ulrich BLOWMINDER
Evo SLS Duotone kiteboarding edgar ulrich BLOWMINDER

We need to talk about your snow kite clip that was featured on the Duotone Instagram account, that S loop looked pretty incredible! Tell us a little about that session.

It was my first time trying snow kiting! I loved it! I think I was comfortable quickly with the new materials, new kite and the new lines. Once you get used to it you can trust your gear 100% and I think this makes the difference on your session.

Do you feel having the stiffer structure that the Penta TX provides gave you additional confidence and comfort knowing it would come through the loop?

For sure! The materials are stronger, rigid and everything you need to have 100% control of your kite. It’s everything I need to improve in every session.

How nervous were you?

I think everyone watching had adrenaline just watching! I was full of adrenaline. I was doing some loops before in the session, going bigger and higher each time. Going for that S loop I was just thinking of Ruben’s (Lenten) video from ten years ago. Seeing him do that S loop I knew I wanted to do it one day. It felt easier to go for it on the snow with the extra height. I just went for it, I was filled with adrenaline and it all went pretty good!

What upcoming projects do you have coming up for this year?

This year still seems a little complicated due to the pandemic. I’m not going to follow the GKA tour this year, I’m planning to focus on videos and some fun riding projects. I plan to do some trips around the world and do some riding for myself.

Evo SLS Duotone kiteboarding edgar ulrich BLOWMINDER

You also got accepted for a place in the King of the Air, how did it feel to be chosen to compete?

I’m super stoked to be riding in the king of the air. It’s been a dream since I was a kid! It’s the only real competition you want to be in when you’re a big air rider. It’s the big thing, the Red Bull event is something that means a lot. I achieved my goal to make the qualification, so now it’s time to show what I can do in a real competition!

What kind of moves have you been training for the event?

I have been riding a lot lately doing tricks to the right side. Cape Town is the spot where you need to be able to do your moves going left foot forward, so now I am training to improve my moves on the left, doing Boogie Loops, board offs and things like this.


Well thanks Edgar! We look forward to that and to see your next adventures onboard the Evo SLS!

Thank you! See you guys!

Evo SLS Duotone kiteboarding edgar ulrich BLOWMINDER