With summer in full swing in the northern hemisphere, it’s the perfect time to spice up your hooked game. To help you start styling, we asked the Brazilian trick machine RENO ROMEU and the Caribbean Godfather of crazy moves JEREMIE TRONET to share some of their recent, favourite manoeuvres from their hooked arsenal. And we’re stoked to announce 16 new hooked tricks with comprehensive instructional videos in our ACADEMY APP!

We picked out a few highlights:

Crail Glide

A super stylish move that’s actually easier to learn than it looks. Don’t waste any more time, check out how Reno does it and get the Crail Glide under your belt now!


Inverted Backroll One Foot Transition

Once you feel comfortable with the standard inverted bankroll transition, up your game and drop a foot

Darkslide Frontroll to Blind

This unique trick combination will make you stand out from the crowd big time. As long as you got the dark slide, the front roll and landing blind dialled, there’s nothing in your way to combine these three moves into one helluva hot manoeuvre.



The Bodyslide is a true crowd pleaser. With a difficulty level similar to the Jesus Walk or the Barefoot, the Bodyslide will have the beach cheering!


Megaloop Late Backroll

The timing and perfect control of your body are crucial in the execution of this move. As the slightly more difficult, yet also more stylish sister of the standard Megaloop Backroll, this trick feels unreal and is super exciting to watch.


Here is an overview of all 16 new hooked tricks with the corresponding points for your ranking:

Level: Intermediate to Expert

Number Trick points
1 Inverted backroll transition 150
2 Inverted backroll one foot transition 150
3 Crail glide 175
4 Tailgrab frontroll 175
5 Stalefish frontroll 200
6 Indy krypt 200
7 Backroll barspin 250
8 Double frontroll board off 325
9 Barefoot 325
10 Bodyslide 350
11 Darkslide frontroll to blind 375
12 Tic tac board off 375
13 Megaloop 400
14 Megaloop backroll 450
15 Megaloop late backroll 500
16 Megaloop board off 550

Have fun with the new tricks & go hard, but always stay safe!