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two windsurfing legends of their own

One thing is clear: both Victor and Gollito left their footprint in modern windsurfing history.

Victor sails in the TOP 3 of the wave tour for almost 15 years now. (Evidence HERE)

Gollito changed freestyle windsurfing forever, being part of the power freestyle progression.

9-times wave podium


9-times Freestyle World Champion


Dutone Windsurfing PWA Sylt 2019 Gollito Estredo
Dutone Windsurfing PWA Sylt 2019 Victor Fernandez

Let'S hear what the two legends themselves say ...

@Victor: Why is Gollito Estredo a windsurfing legend?

He earned most freestyle PWA World titles, seeing different generations of riders. He also invented a lot of freestyle moves and he is one of my favorite riders to watch. I think Gollito is capable of anything. His jumping skills are one of the best and his wave riding improved a lot compared to last year as he is using the rail way more in his bottom and top turns. If he has a good day in competition, he will be hard to beat.

@Gollito: Why is Victor Fernandez a windsurfing legend?

I think Victor can be an idol for all windsurfers. The unique way of maintaining that high level over the years makes the difference to other riders. That’s why he became an idol for me – like for a lot of windsurfers out there. Apart from sailing, Victor is a great person and a guy you can have a lot of fun and jokes with, as well.

What can you learn from each other?

Victor: What I like most about Gollito is the time he puts in the water. I can learn some better freestyle tricks to put into the waves. I think if Gollito spends some more time in Starboard tack conditions he will be a better overall wave rider too, it is just a question of time.

Gollito: I'd love to ride waves like he does. He has a very fast, energetic style.

What's your biggest achievement?

Gollito: I guess my biggest achievement was inventing all those windsurfing moves. I had never expected that it would turn out like this for me when I started. On the other hand you also earn 9 world titles. That changed a lot of things in my life. Sometimes it's hard to believe and even harder to speak out loud.

Victor: I am glad to be part of windsurfing. It is hard for me to say if I am a legend. My biggest achievement has always been becoming 3x Wave World Champion. Keep improving my skills in wave riding and jumping and be innovative for the sport, as well.

What are your goals for the next couple of years?

Victor: My goal is always to improve my windsurfing skills in all aspects and try to fight for the World Title every year. Also becoming a father at the end of the year will be a new experience and I would like to share this moments with my child and girlfriend, having them supporting me is amazing :-)

Gollito: My goal is to improve my own level year by year, as well. I don’t know though, if I will ever reach Victor, as he has been training waves all his life. Nevertheless, I will give everything to sail at the very top.

Where do you see similarities and differences?

Victor: We both speak Spanish and I think language always brings you closer. I think I am a bit more relax out of the water. Gollito is a very funny guy to have around. We both love windsurfing and it is our live since a very young age and windsurfing gave us everything we have today.

Gollito: We have completely different characters, but both burn for windsurfing. Our style is sometimes quite similar and we want to take windsurfing tot he next level.


Pictures by the one and only John Carter / PWA :-)

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