The only constant in life is change. Everything is in motion. Times, circumstances – only the objective remains the same. That also goes for our pledge to manufacture the most innovative sports equipment for wind surfing. So as new adventures beckon, our commitment to reliability remains complete and unwavering.  

Duotone New True Undefeated

Since August 2018, the windsurfing rig division of Boards & More GmbH has been developing and marketing all their products under the new brand DUOTONE.

The values that we have always stood for – high-end technologies, unrivalled quality, unbridled passion, continuous im­prove­ment and a track record of competitive success – remain the guiding philosophies on our new journey.

Of course, all of our development, sales and production teams, as well as all team riders, will remain on board in order to guarantee high-performance products that can do more and can last longer. So join us as a new chapter begins; we have some major plans and are ready to step up and nail our new colours to the mast! Welcome to DUOTONE!


Duotone Windsurfing Team
Duotone Team Kai Hopf

The brand is nothing without the people representing the name. All Boards&More personnel that developed and shaped the windsurfing sport since 1981 stands united behind DUOTONE.

DUOTONE is the sum of all people burning for the sport, contributing all their knowledge and skills to the improvement  of the best sails and rigs in general. Nobody gets off the sewing table or stops testing on the water unless all questions are answered and all wishes are fulfilled.  


Duotone Windsurfing Team I
Duotone Windsurf Action


We were there, when windsurfers started planing for the first time, when they discovered Ho‘okipa, Porto Pollo or the Gorge and when Olympia discovered the windsurfers. We were there, when sails got battens and later on cambers, we did experiment with 3D profiles, vario-extension or dampening systems. We did test the first footstraps or developed the harness with all its early varieties. Our Best.Fit.System shaped the way how modern rigs are considered as a whole. Or by the way, without us and the legendary King of the Lake at Lake Garda back in the Nineties there wouldn‘t be freestyle in the windsurfing world of today.

Even if our R&D headquarter is based on Maui, we are constantly connected with different windsurfers at different spots around the globe. We always take their specific demands into consideration and function rules innovation. We operate 100 % practice-oriented and with the very first prototype we have the final series product in mind. We exclusively produce at the production facility from the very first day on instead of doing prototypes at the loft. This way, once the prototype works the way we envisioned it, we already have a product ready for production

Duotone Windsurfing Teamrider Victor Fernandez


Victor Fernandez, E-42
PWA Wave World Champion 2016 and 2010
6 times PWA Vice World Champion

Victor may not be one of the loudest riders in the World Cup circuit but he’s one of the most consistent and most of all friendliest guys around. His list of competition results is equally impressive meanwhile. As a kid he loved to watch videos from Naish, Polakow or Dunkerbeck for hours and he envisioned himself to stand on the podium one day. Meanwhile he reached that goal multiple times. Apart from his World Cup success he is a major influencer in our team. His input is highly welcome in Kai Hopf’s mailbox and on top of this they spend several months together on Maui every year, testing the latest gear. Victor‘s input had a huge impact on the development of the new Super Hero for example.

Victor Fernandez



Duotone Sail Super Hero
Duotone Platinum Series

True Slalom

Pierre Mortefon, FRA-14
PWA Slalom Vice World Champion2015 and 2016
2× winner of the Défi Wind

Pierre started his career in the Mediterreanean Sea aseat in an Optimist boat until he got into windsurfing at the age of 11. Addicted from the first moment on he learned fast and living so close to the sea in Gruissan didn’t really hurt. He is mostly famous for his racing success, but once you’ve seen him on Maui in the waves, you know that the young French is at home in every conditions.  

Pierre Mortefon

Duotone Windsurfing Team Pierre Mortefon Action I

WARP 20.19


Duotone Sail Warp 20.19
Duotone Windsurfing Boom Platinum Aero 2.0