Max Tullett Academy interview

Duotone Kiteboarding Max Tullet Academy interview

Max Tullett is the young British kitesurfer that is turning heads. Already sending huge kite loops, big airs and with an impressive array of freestyle moves in his repertoire.

He recently started a Vlog series showcasing his skills on the water and capturing his infectious stoke! You can check these episodes out by searching for mad max kiting. He also submitted his first video entry for a chance to be selected to compete at the King of the Air, all these achievements at just 11 years of age!

We caught up with Max for a chat to find out a little more about this up and coming young talent!

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Hear the full interview

Hi Max, good to catch up with you, so where about are you based and what is your local kite spot?

Hi, I’m Max Tullett, I'm 11 years old and live in Hastings in the UK and I mostly kite at Camber Sands in Sussex.


How many years have you been kiteboarding?

I have been kiteboarding for three years, I have always been in the water, mostly sailing. Then one day someone gave me a kite and I enjoyed it more than sailing, because I could jump high and ride fast. 

Duotone Kiteboarding Max Tullet Academy interview
Duotone Kiteboarding Max Tullet Academy interview

Tell us a little bit about the conditions and the local spot that you ride at.

Camber Sands works best on a south-westerly, which is the normal wind direction and we can have wind ranging from 0 to 50 knots in some of the storms. We get shallow lagoons that don't last long because of the tides and we get small right foot forward facing kickers. Southwest wind works best on our local beaches, but we don't have to travel too far to kite in any wind direction. I kite in pretty much any conditions from 10 to 50 knots, one day I'll be riding on my 4 meter kite, another day on a 10 or 12 meter kite.

Who are your favourite pro riders?
I look up to Aaron (Hadlow) and Lewis (Crathern), they are great kite boarders, I sometimes get to kite with them and they help me a lot. I also watch Kevin’s (Langeree) and Sam's (Light) vlogs.

If you could go on a kite trip anywhere in the world, what would be your dream location and what rider would you take with you?
My dream location is Cape Town, because I love big air and I want to meet all the pros. I would have to take Aaron Hadlow, as he could help me with my Kiteloop board offs and also teach me freestyle.

You already have a good level of freestyle tricks and big air and kite loop moves, is there a discipline that you prefer more than the other and if you could enter any contest, which would that be?
I would like to be in the King of the Air, because I mostly enjoy big air riding, this is the discipline I train for the most since I started kiteboarding.

You've now released two episodes of your Vlog series, tell us a little bit about them and how has the feedback been?
I have always wanted to make a Vlog, it was fun to make and the response from everybody was great. I can’t believe how many views it got!

Can you give us any previews in the next Vlog episode?

I was hoping to go to Cape Town, but the flights got cancelled so I’m planning to do my next vlog episode when the next winter storm hits the UK and also including some of the Academy App.


How has the Academy App helped you with your progression?

I often use the Academy App to help me learn new tricks and before I go on the water. I even memorise some of the words from the trick I am trying to learn before my session

Duotone Kiteboarding Max Tullet Academy interview
Duotone Kiteboarding Max Tullet Academy interview

Do you have a favourite feature from the app?

I think it is pretty cool that you can upload your videos and that the pros can give you help and advice. I like that you can ask questions.


What are the next tricks that you would like to learn from the Academy App?

The next tricks from the Academy App that I want to learn is moving across to the freestyle to try and get some air passes and a 313.

Well good luck with the progression, we’re sure you will be doing air-passes in no time! Thank you for your time today Max and we look forward to seeing the next episode of your Vlog when it comes out.
Thanks! It was great to talk to you and I'll see you on the water!