Interview with Reno Romeu


Hi and welcome to another Rider Review. Today we catch up with the Brazilian trick machine RENO ROMEU to talk about the new JUICE D/LAB.

Hi Reno, you’ve already had the chance to take the 2023 Juice D/LAB through its paces. What are your impressions of the kite?
This kite is a machine, especially in light wind conditions. My favourite thing about the new Juice D/LAB is that it’s not just a kite that makes it possible to go out in almost no wind at all, but the even more incredible thing about it is that in spite of the lack of wind, it still has such an insane performance that it allows me to perform all my favourite moves.

Can you please tell us a little bit more about the conditions and disciplines you use the kite for? Did you go out on the Juice D/LAB with both the twintip and the foil board?
Yes, absolutely, I rode both the twintip and foil board. The bigger sizes are absolutely perfect for light wind riding with the twintip. You get so much power out of the Juice D/LAB with a really good hang time. And the 14m2 is insane for foiling since this kite stays in the air floating with barely any wind at all. To tell you the honest truth, the low end and performance of this kite feels like magic and it blows me away time and time again.

The Juice D/LAB is the pinnacle of Duotone’s R&D and the absolute top performer in our range when it comes to light wind. How do you compare the Juice D/LAB powerhouse to the Juice?
The comparison is huge!! …in so many aspects, not only with regard to its low end. Of course, the D/LAB is much lighter and thus gets you on the water much earlier than the Juice, but it’s also faster and way more high-performance. The Aluula material makes the kite so rigid which changes the flight dynamic of the kite, it’s so much quicker, sharper… and it also gives you a better upwind ability.

Could you please tell us about your very favourite characteristic of the Juice D/LAB that you feel really stands out? Is it actually impossible to pinpoint it down to only one?
My absolute favourite characteristic of the new juice D/LAB is the combination of its low-end performance and tricks performance. Many light wind kites out there just make it possible to go out, but don’t deliver any performance. With the Juice D/LAB, however, it feels like I’m on a smaller kite. I can do almost all my tricks with it and some of the tricks even better than on a small kite in strong wind!

"the low end and performance of this kite feels like magic and it blows me away time and time again."

What kind of rider should get the Juice D/LAB in your opinion?
I think this kite is for someone who’s not too concerned about finances and happy to invest in the most amazing toy in order to maximise the fun factor in every session. So many people out there work hard and earn good money, but the downside of a successful career is that you just don’t have the time to wait for the right conditions or drive around chasing them.

Whenever these guys get a chance to get on the water, that’s all they have. In many places around the world the wind is usually very light like here in Rio, and the Juice D/LAB catapults the fun factor into a totally new dimension, which makes it so worthwhile investing in this kite, in your fun.