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Duotone Kiteboarding Max Tullet Academy interview
Max Tullett Academy interview
Max Tullett is the young British kitesurfer that is turning heads. Already sending huge kite loops, big airs and with an impressive array of freestyle moves in his repertoire.
Jerome Bonieux - Behind The Design of the Daytona DOS D/LAB
Welcome to behind the design of Duotone Kiteboarding! Today we are catching up with Jerome Bonieux to talk about the new Daytona DOS D/LAB foil.
As the wave season is picking up there is no better time to brush up on your wave skills!
Duotone Kiteboarding Redefine your limits
Redefine Your Limits - The Santi Font 360 Story
We caught up with Noe and Santi about the making of and how it was to work together as a father and son team
duotone kiteboarding Neo SLS behind the design
NEO SLS - Behind the Design with Ken Winner
The NEO, NEO SLS and Ken Winner are the perfect example of our brand’s history, phi-losophy and commitment to kiteboarding. Every past achievement we have made in kite design have all come together in [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Diversity Magazine
Diversity Magazine
For nearly two decades, we’ve designed, developed, traveled, researched, collaborated, made friends and gone kiteboarding as much as possible. We draw inspiration from the arts, from other cultures, [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding_Staying fit with the Team
Staying Fit with the Team
Keeping fit is the best way to prevent injury, boost your immune system and ensure that you are ready to send it, when the time comes to get back out on the water.
Duotone Kiteboarding_Super Coaches_Duotone Academy
Boost your kiteboarding skills in no time coached personally by our top team riders!
Duotone kiteboarding Academy App New wave tricks Airton
REDEFINE YOUR LIMITS with the Duotone Academy App
The Duotone Academy APP is proud to announce ten new kite-surf tutorials that will set you up for good. Backed by the best in the game: 4x World Champion Airton Cozzolino and 1x World Champion Matchu [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Aaron Toeside
Toeside takeoffs and Tootsie Rolls
Tune into toeside takeoffs with the Duotone Academy. This week we’re excited to release eight new, unhooked freestyle moves that will drive your motivation to ride.
Duotone Kiteboarding Signature Board Airton
Here’s your incredible chance to win one of the most all-around surf boards, developed for and with Airton Cozzolino and even signed by Airton!
Duotone Kiteboarding Aaron Hadlow raffle Duotone Academy
Here’s your incredible chance to win one of the most advanced high performance Wakestyle/Freestyle boards, developed for and with Aaron Hadlow and even signed by Aaron – The TS Hadlow Textreme!
Duotone Kiteboarding Academy App Strapless Matchu Lopes
Smooth, Stylish and Strapless with the Duotone Academy APP
To all the Duotone Kiteboarding community who’s downloaded the APP so far, we hope it’s living up to all expectations and you’re cruising through the motions, ticking your goals off your list.
Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Philipp
Building the Duotone Kiteboarding Academy APP with IOS developer Philipp Rembold.
Our vision and demands for the Duotone Kiteboarding APP weren’t for the faint hearted. Philipp Rembold boldly took on the task of programming and delivering the APP, but have you ever wondered how it [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Acadamy Launch Aaron Hadlow Slider
Unhooked with Hadlow for the Academy App
Technically flawless, Hadlow fronts the unhooked freestyle of the Academy APP bringing years of skill and expertise to the tutorials. Hear what he has to say about the filming and performance process [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Launch Behind the lens Chris Zarfl
Behind the lens of the Duotone Academy APP
Multimedia supported training methods specialist, Chris Zarfl, tells us how capturing over 150 video clips for the Duotone Academy APP took thousands of hours but was definitely worth it! Working with [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Launch Academy App Project Manager Patrick Dudek
Spearheading the year long process of the Duotone Academy APP
Patrick Dudek tells us what made this project exciting, the challenges they overcame, how they exceeded all expectations and what makes the Duotone Kiteboarding APP, made by kiteboarders for [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Academy App Teamrider Jeremie Tronet
Jeremie Tronet hosts the shooting of Duotone Academy APP
Union Island sets the scene for the APP with amazing winds, beautiful scenery and perfect lighting. Jeremie Tronet features in many of the tutorials and was key in the organisation. Hear why he thinks [...]