One for the books

Duotone and Fanatic Team’s most contrasting characters set out to Cape Verde to push Wing Foiling limits.

United by this mission CLEMENT ROSEYRO, JEROME CLOETENS and local WESLEY BRITO scored one of the gnarliest waves that has ever been ridden on a foil – definitely one for the books!

Wesley grew up on the small island of Cape Verde, close to this unique location. He is the only one of the three who has extensive knowledge of this wave.

The Belgian Jerome, who usually lives in Tarifa, Spain, contributed to the trip with a wealth of experience, both in organizing photographic expeditions and providing valuable footage.

Whereas Clement, coming from the Atlantic coast of France simply has big wave riding in his genes. 


Get an impression on how each of them experienced this shared adventure of close fear, frustration and stoke and how lucky they were!

Wesley Brito

"My goal was to score the best waves ever at home with my teammates. It has been a dream for me to get that wave filmed and some pictures on the wing - and get the best clips of the island!

It was amazing, but frightening at the same time, because I didn’t know what to expect, if I made a little mistake. The sound of the wave, when it closed was scary and the amount of water coming was crazy!"

Jerome Cloetens

"While I was waiting for the camera crew and the boys, I tried to get confident in the wave. I thought it would be good, to surf only the outside of the lips and not take any risk till the camera is on. Still, I ended up being straight in the impact zone, not on purpose, and I probably took one of the gnarliest wipeouts of the year.

I stayed on the inside for two big sets, and after that, my legs were shaking the whole session. It made me lose my confidence until Wesley and Matchu gave me a pep talk and made me realize that this was a situation of a lifetime. Thanks to them, I was able to drop a few more bombs, before getting on the plane."

Clement Roseyro

"On my biggest wave, I took the risk to look behind me to see the face of the monster and I was looking in a massive barrel where the spit was incredibly strong. You see nothing, so you just go and you hope the lip isn't going to smash you.

The pictures are incredible and so is the video. I enjoyed the session a lot. But now I realize nobody was wearing a helmet or an impact vest. We were only using a leash on the wing. We got very lucky nothing happened. It's the first time I had that feeling that something really bad can happen... next time I will think more before I go and wear protection!"

One for the books | Video

Photo by Samuel Cardenas and film by Pablo Amores