Secret super stars


Windsurfing teachers and parents, center managers, shop owners, photographers, travellers - they all took the risk and broke free from "normal" lives or save careers. Every day they give everything to push the sport and spread the windsurfing fire.

This series acknowledges those hidden, unknown windsurfing stars who give their lives to the sport we're all addicted to.


Secret Super Start No. 1:

We start off with LUCIE DROBNA, center manager and windsurfing teacher at the ION CLUB Costa Calma on Fuerteventura. The ever smiling energy package from Czech Republic teaches there for more than three years now, helping her students to achieve the next level every day.




Hi Lucie, great to meet you!

So, you changed Czech Republic for Fuerteventura. How is life going?


Yep, I am from Czech Republic, studied physical education and was working at the Tomas Malina Windsurfing Centrum, north-west of Prague before coming to Fuerte. At the moment I am happily living here on Fuerteventura and managing the center in Costa Calma. Fuerte is great. I like that it is a small and safe island. It's simply perfect for windsurfing and surfing. Plus it has lots of natural beaches and wildness. You can drive with your car to the beach and sleep in nature.


What do you like about your job at the ION CLUB?


A lot of things. You meet a lot of great people, who become friends from all over the world. You learn about different cultures and traditions... Working here, I met people who mean the world to me now, like Cristian [boyfriend] or my "Crazy Chicas" girl group (Mandy, Živa, Mimi, Mirka, Alexa, Marta, Hannah, Francesca and many more). 

With the team, we have always a lot of fun together at the after work windsurf or surf sessions, BBQs, parties... Another amazing thing when you are working in a bigger network like ION CLUB is that you have the chance to travel within the company to the best windsurfing spots in the world.


Why do you love windsurfing and teaching windsurfing?

I feel the connection with nature when I am in the water... and a lot of adrenalin rushing through my whole body when I am planing or riding waves. I am teaching because I love sharing my passion with other people... no matter what subject...

The best lessons for me are kids courses - we always have the best time in the water together! Kids are super talented. They learn fast, and you get excited and proud about every little progress. After a fun lesson we always jump into the water, play games and fool around.


What is the most common mistake all your students are doing? 

It depends on the level but, for example, beginners usually going in that classic grandma position, they are not keeping their back straight. They look down on their feet or into the sail instead of looking forward... But that's how everybody starts. The cool thing is seeing them progressing over time and the smile on their face when they finally got it.


And how about you? ;-)

For myself, I am training to lay down perfect power jibes and getting better in the waves. Higher jumps are also on my bucket list. Once, I would love to participate in a speed challenge or a slalom race. My favourite set up for slalom is the 6.6 S-PACE with a 99l Fanatic Falcon. For wave sessions, my favourite gear is the 4.0 Super Hero combined with a 76l Grip.

When there is no wind - which rarely happens on Fuerte - I go surfing, stand-up-paddeling, playing the guitar or playing table tennis... I love all kind of sports.


That sounds amazing :-)

Thank you for your time and for spreading the windsurfing fever, Lucie!

Keep up the good vibes!

All pictures were taken by

Gabor Balogh,

the great on-site photographer of the ION CLUB Risco del Paso

- who could be one of those secret super stars as well! :-)