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- by Shawna Cropas-

Clinics are more than just about learning how to windsurf. They are about making new friends and connecting with like-minded people. They are about filling your life with unique experiences and having adventures to tell. Funny moments are shared and there’s communal support to move confidently forward. Clinics are also a way to experience the local culture more deeply with Shawna who has made Maui her home.

Shawna Cropas is a professional windsurfer and a 3-time British Wavesailing Champion and Ho'okipa wave specialist. She started coaching in 1998 doing weeklong windsurfing holiday safaris in different locations around the world attracting hundreds of guests each year. She combines muscle memory learning tools with on-land and water training. The sessions end with photos/video which are analyzed to guide guests to perfect their skills into smoother sailing.

Expect a lot of fun in the sun, big smiles and a first-class coaching experience.

These windsurfing courses are aimed at improvers, intermediates and aspiring wave-sailors. Our objective is to make learning new skills and/or improving current abilities as easy as possible.

To do this, we use the concept of ‘Muscle Memory’, which means repeating certain steps in a maneuver over and over again until our bodies learn the motion by heart without having to use the mind to stop and think about it. We’ll start most our lessons on land using a windsurfing simulator to learn new techniques. We’ll continue to repeat these steps over and over again until our bodies feel comfortable with what we’ve learned. We will then continue these fluid repetitions in light winds in order to master the skills in the ultimate scenario: high winds.

The afternoons are spent on the water. Shawna moves around the group addressing each individual’s personal needs and skill levels.

Evenings are spent on the town enjoying local dining for those who would like to join.

In the event of days with no wind, we introduce stand up paddling and/or hiking adventures will be arranged with Shawna guiding the way.




1. Use your your whole body to conteract the power of the wind in your sail not just your arms whether in or out of the harness.

2. Stay low going into any kind of turn, whether a jibe or a bottom turn.

3. Look up for balance. The body follows where the head in looking. Look into turns. Look down the line of a wave. Look up at the horizon for steady balance while learning to sail a straight line and get into the harness.

4. Start paying attention to the patterns make on the water

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