Unhooked with Hadlow for the Academy App

Duotone Kiteboarding Acadamy Launch Aaron Hadlow Slider

Aaron Hadlow has been the trailblazer of unhooked freestyle kiteboarding for over a decade and remains one of the world’s most technically flawless riders, set with a never-been-done-before mind. No stranger to being in front of the camera, this project was less about creativity and more about repetition and perfection. With the experience and knowledge of the skills and steps it takes to get to the top, who better to be fronting the un-hooked freestyle discipline of the Duotone Academy APP then Hadlow himself. 

Duotone Kiteboarding Acadamy Launch Teamrider Aaron Hadlow

How was the filming process in the Grenadines for you?

I enjoyed the challenge of filming for the APP, it was very different to my usual kind of video projects where you try to film your best tricks. In this process we focused on three specific angles, which means we had to film the many tricks the times. Then we would do them twice from the same angle to make sure we had it perfectly executed. We had lots of wind and good light. It was very intense and also more work goes on behind the scenes than just the riding.

How has being involved in the development of the new APP been?

The Academy and APP is a really big project. After filming it was important for me to write comprehensive text to go with the tricks. I like to make it detailed with very clear key points so that people can really improve. I was working on the unhooked section so I wanted to break all the different tricks down to make them more understandable and easy to visualise the progression. 

Duotone Kiteboarding Acadamy Launch Teamrider Aaron Hadlow 1

How is the unhooked library of tricks looking?


We managed to film many more tricks than anticipated. I am really happy with the breakdown and the steps you can take to progress through a cer-tain move. It also shows you how by adding a rotation, you can learn a to-tally new move that is not out of reach from your level. I think it is one of the best learning APPs available at the moment.

What special features will the user enjoy?

I think the videos are great and really informative if you are looking to move forward, it is such a great tool. There are some fun interactive fea-tures too, like opening up threads to chat with others at the same level learning a new trick. You can also up load your trick and wait for others to vote on your execution.


How will the user benefit from integration with the community and team riders?

I think it will be a great way to see how pro riders do their tricks, as well as get tips from them or others if you are struggling to land your new move.