Foiling is the greatest fun. But let’s be honest, the whole process of getting ready with having to set up the foil in the car park whilst the wind is already blowing and everyone else is rocking on the water can be a real downer.


The frustration in fact, sometimes already starts at home given the assembled board and foil simply just won’t fit into the average car.

The great news is: From now on, you don’t have to worry about any of it anymore!
We are stoked to present to you our new Quick Mount.

Constructed using the highest quality materials and engineered to offer superior durability, stiffness and strength, all you have to do is mount the base plate on your board, one time only. After that, you can fix the foil mast in just a few seconds, no tools needed! Just click it in and hit the water, with your foil in exactly the right position every single time.

We designed this piece of equipment for riders of all levels. No matter where you’re at in your foiling journey, from beginners to pros, you will be frothing on the incredibly convenient, quick and easy setup and the super uncomplicated transportation.

The days of wasting time in the car park setting up or getting totally frustrated trying to load your foil gear into the car, are gone! The new era of hydrofoil performance is here.

Spend more time on the water and less time getting ready with your Quick Mount.

Wishing you heaps of fun guys & happy foiling!
Your team at Duotone Kiteboarding