Our team’s favorite spots to progress in their discipline

We asked our international team a series of questions, in this first instalment we ask their favorite locations from around the world to kite and where was the best spot for progression in their disciplines. Here’s what they had to say:

Reno Romeu

One of my favorite locations in the world is for sure Cape Town as it’s the best big air place. I think there isn’t anywhere in the world where you can jump as high as in Cape Town. Besides South Africa I also love going to Los Roquesa coral atoll north of Venezuela consisting of numerous islands and sandbanks. All of the spots are unique and beautiful in their own way and the wind is very consistent between February and March. The vibe here is great as well! Another place that is very special for me, is Arubinha in Brazil. I learnt to kite here and the conditions are good. It’s one of my most favorite spots in the world.

The best place for me to progress, is Cape Town. In the high season you have wind at least 4-5 days a week, usually blowing 25 knots strong or more. You are able to ride in the right conditions almost every day and you have kickers, so you can go extra high. Cape Town is the best!

Lewis Crathern

My favorite location in the world to kite is Worthing in the UK, my hometown. The storms that pass through and how intense and electrifying it feels to kite here are exhilarating. I love Cape Town as well, but it seems calmer in comparison as it’s warm and sunny.

The best place to progress in my discipline however is Cape Town, due to the high winds and frequency they get conditions. The waves make for amazing ramps and it has easy access from all over the world. It works great as it’s a winter escape for us kiteboarders in the northern hemisphere.

Hannah Whiteley

I have a few, I think every spot and country has its own special charm. For myself, my favorite locations are my home spot Lytham Saint Anns in the UK and of course Cape Town, South Africa. Cape Town feels like a second home to me and is the best place to train for big air. Also up there would be Brazil it's hard to say which is my favorite out of these locations as they all offer something different that I love.

Matchu Lopes

Home, Cape Verde! For Sure! I think Cape Verde is the perfect location to practice both freestyle strapless and wave riding. You have a lot of different conditions, from side to side off to onshore wave conditions. I also really enjoy the Canary Islandswhen I’m looking for stronger wind, with Fuerteventura being my favorite island. Another location that I love is Mauritius but there you basically only have one main spot - One Eye. Besides Cape Verde being the most versatile you have some of the best kiteboarders in the sport at the spot - Mitu, Airton and myself - with world-class waves such as Punta Preta and many hidden gems! 

Patri Mclaughlin 

I would say the best spot to progress in my discipline of kitesurfing is Maui as we have such a wide array of conditions, we have onshore, side-shore waves. It’s windy so consistently and if you search you can find wind and waves from other directions too. 

Jeremie Tronet

I think having a good flatwater spot is key, with consistent wind and warm water which is what we have on Union Island. I would say kite beach or Frigate near Union Island would be the two best spots to progress in freestyle. No matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced kiteboarder looking to land new tricks, Union Island is the place to be. It’s also where we shot the Duotone Academy series. You can try the tricks exactly where the clips were filmed! Also having the JT Pro Center aka DPC Grenadines on site, you can hire me or an instructor if you need any additional coaching. 

Val Garat

Greece, it’s where I learnt to kite. There are a lot of spots on the mainland and islands. It has the best spots with the best winds. But I really love home, the South of France, we have a lot of good spots too.

I’m doing both freestyle and big air, for freestyle I would say Greece for progression as you have very consistent wind that’s not too strong and flatwater. For big air, I’d say the south of France in Barcares and Gruissain is the place to be. We have some really strong wind and a good spot to progress in big air. 

Gianmaria Coccoluto

I’ve travelled a lot in the past 6 years but for me the best spot to progress in my discipline (freestyle) is Sicily. The reason is that you can have more than 5 different conditions just in one day! From super flat water to a kicker session and also with different wind intensity.


It's hard to pick a favorite but I'd have to say Western Australia, Hatteras (USA) or Brazil have to be some of the best kiteboarding conditions I've found.

When it comes to the best place to progress, I’d say Hood River in Oregon, USA. There are only a few places in the world where you have access to a public kite park - one of them being Hood River - and that makes it the best place to progress even though  the wind isn't necessarily the best.

Tom Hebert

New Caledonia because of the great weather, warm water and steady wind, there are plenty of islands to reach by boat and kite alone. 

Which is the best place to progress? I think it depends on whether you are looking to train for a contest or you just want to freeride. The best way to learn is on flatwater, then ride in the worst conditions to be sure you can land your tricks anywhere. I used to do this when training for the PKRA contests as we often kited in the worst places!

Now you know where to head next to progress in your favorite discipline. to further your progression, download the academy app and the tricks that you want to pursue on your trip. if the lesson video doesn't answer all your questions, start a discussion with our community or get tips from our highly experienced super coaches.

Photo Credits: Lukas K. Stiller, Toby Bromwich, Fred Pompermayer