MONO 2019 review - Jeremie Tronet keeps it short and sweet


I love using smaller kite sizes when going for a foil session. Both the 7m and 9m MONOs are my favorite sizes for most conditions. The lower aspect ratio of the kite makes it even easier to relaunch and extremely stable in super light wind. Most small kite sizes cannot fly well in light wind but the light weight design of the single Strut MONO means it performs extremely well.

I was very surprised by the great all-around capabilities of the MONO when riding a TWINTIP. The kite has some great hangtime and good lift when jumping. It also performs nicely in the waves. I would recommend the MONO for anyone foiling or as a great all-around kite. For anyone flying smaller kites in lighter winds as well as lightweight riders, kids or those ready to ride a big kite in next to nothing conditions, the MONO will deliver necessary power they need to not miss a session on a FOIL or on a TWINTIP.