Artem Garashchenko reviews the 2019 JUICE


What’s your take on the 2019 Duotone JUICE?

There’s nothing more annoying when the wind is light then not having the gear to get out there, which is why I always have a JUICE in my quiver. The redesigned profile and new, unique materials of the 2019 model are a winning combo and I know there's always a session to be had on either a Foil or Twintip. With the JUICE, you choose.


Who would enjoy the new DUOTONE JUICE and why?

The JUICE has been developed for riders who don’t live in the windiest locations, like me. To be honest, I ride the JUICE 50% of the time in Russia, in snow and on the water, which is why I appreciate the performance of the JUICE and know it so well. Even in the top kite spots around the world there are no wind days and if you’re anything like me, I never want to miss a moment on the water. The JUICE always delivers.

What are the JUICE’s main standout performance features?

When conditions are tricky and the wind is not strong enough you need a kite with excellent performance for maximum time on the water. The JUICE does just that. It’s very fast for its size and has great feedback. It’s versatile across all light wind activities like Foiling, Twintip freestyle and wakestyle as well as my favourite, park riding.

Which bar do you like to ride with the JUICE and how do you find the settings?

I usually pick the 4-line Click Bar with 24m lines. But when there’s almost zero wind I take Trust Bar with 27m lines to have more power in the kite and more space in the wind window to pump it.

I use the soft settings when foiling and  hooked-in freestyle tricks. Also when the wind is lighter to steer the kite faster and have chance to pump more power. For park riding and wakestyle tricks a steady kite and direct feedback is preferable, that’s why I change the settings on the back lines to the hard setting.


Sum up the Juice in a few words.

The Ultimate light wind machine to have fun in all disciplines!