Victor X Gollito Clip



Victor & Gollito on top

World Champions Victor & Gollito found themselves in a heart-stopping final at the last PWA tour stop 2018 in Sylt. An event to remember for the successful Duotone international team and especcially for Vicor and Gollito.

The King of Freestyle Gollito Estredo could defend his leadership and glances with an incredible 9th World Title. If victory and defeat are close together for a short time and our Victor Fernandez wins in the end. Congratulation boys - we salute your passion, determination, talent and a hunger to be the best. We are celebrating this with a great edit by ccfilms. Must watch - goosebumps guaranted! Edit: Produced by:

Freestyle World Title #9: Gollito Estredo / Wave World Title #3: Victor Fernandez