Colleen Carroll



White Salmon, Washington (The Gorge)





Top 3 kitesurfing spots?

Hood River, Oregon, Cape Hatteras, NC, Watamu, Kenya


Favourite gear setup?

Dice or Vegas, with 139 Gambler


The biggest achievements in your kiteboarding career

Winning the Triple-S Invitational 4 times


Your hobbies aside kiteboarding?

Snowboarding, Mountain Biking, Wakeboarding, Yoga, Surfing, Reading


What do you do on a day without wind?

Depending on where I am in the world, I wake up with a mellow yoga session followed by going surfing or mountain biking. I’ll also usually spend at least part of my no wind days catching up on emails and planning for upcoming projects.


What style of music are you interested in?

Almost everything. I grew up near Seattle, Washington that is a music hub for the USA so I’ve always loved a wide variety of tunes!


How and why did you start kiteboarding?

I grew up visiting Hood River, Oregon with my family who were into windsurfing so we started seeing Kiteboarding pop up pretty early on. It took a while for us to really get into it but after college I found more time to learn and as soon as I learned a few tricks, I was hooked!


Why are you riding for Duotone?

I ride Duotone because it is the same passionate intelligent driven people behind it that I have come to know and trust for the past 6 years. It’s the best gear on the market and I wouldn’t want to ride anything else!


What is your main goal for the future?

I have quite a few. I’d like to continue to build my camp offerings and the events that I organize because I feel these are ways that I can directly encourage other passionate kiteboarders. I also have a few specific projects that I have wanted to do for a long time that I hope to get started on this year such as an environmental awareness project and an all female Duotone video.


What training do you do to stay fit?

I often do yoga in the mornings and go on runs or ride my bike as much as possible. If I don’t have trails nearby then I’ll go to a nearby gym or do exercises on my own. In general I just try to get some sort of activity in everyday and I feel pretty good!


What would have been your job if you wouldn´t be a pro kiteboarder?

Hard to say, I’d probably either be doing some sort of sustainable business or natural resource management job or organizing events which is something I really enjoy.


What´s your favourite food?

Just one? Chocolate.





Colleen Carroll