Jeremie Tronet hosts the shooting of Duotone Academy APP

Duotone Kiteboarding Launch Academy App Teamrider Jeremie Tronet

Jeremie Tronet was a key rider in the project, featuring in all of the initial progression, hooked-in, and foiling tutorials. In addition, he hosted the crew at his home spot on Union Island in the Grenadines and managed a lot of the logistic behind the scenes. Here he shares his experience of bringing the APP to life and why it’s a must-have tool for every kiteboarder with a smartphone on the planet. 

Duotone Kiteboarding Launch Academy App Teamrider Jeremie Tronet

Why were the Grenadines the perfect place to shoot the Academy?

The amazing wind statistics and dreamy location made the Grenadines the perfect spot for this project. We shot all the videos at my, JT Pro Centre, on Union Island which made logistics a bit easier. A project of this size requires months of intense shooting every day in specific lighting and conditions. So having a base and setup right where we were shooting made everything easy. In addition, we had the centre’s boats to get us to other locations.

Union Island is perfect. Your room is on the kite spot and the town, bars and restaurants are a 10 minute boat ride away. We had a good time. In terms of filming, the landscape and colour of the water make it fun, easy and aesthetically pleasing in the final result.

How has being involved in the development of the new APP been?

Seeing the new APP grow, from an idea at the Duotone headquarters to a fully fledge APP has been really exiting! We are trying to make sure the users find the APP professional, easy to use and the perfect tool for their kiteboarding progression.

The team behind designing the APP has done incredible work and listened to all of our feedback. It’s something I believe people will love to use. 

What can people looking to get into the sport, or improve their basic skills expect from the APP?

The APP will be the number one tool for anyone’s progression, from complete beginners to advanced kiters. It will allow anyone taking kite lessons in a certified kite centre to review what they learnt after their course and plan their next progression whether that be a basic waterstart or first jump.

For more advanced kiters, freestyle unhooked, strapless kitesurfing or foiling, it is the perfect APP that covers it all and brought to you by the best Duotone riders in the world. There are no limits to what’s available. 

Duotone Kiteboarding Launch Academy App Teamrider Jeremie Tronet

What special features will the user enjoy?


The Duotone Academy APP is not only about trick tutorials, it is also a community and tool to suggest what the next trick in your progression should be based on the last trick you landed. 

The community aspect is amazing for those looking to get advice on a trick as riders can upload their video directly to the APP, get input from others or ask to be marked to gain points toward their total score.

How will the user benefit from integration with the community and team riders?

The benefit from having a large community of pro kiters and users sharing the same platform will be an amazing way to share technical and trick knowledge. Everyone will be able to comment, receive and post advice on how to land tricks or upload their own attempts. For the trained eye, it takes a second for a more advanced rider to spot a very simple mistake a user might be repeating. The APP will help solve the problem.


What makes this APP unique and why should people sign up?

I believe  Duotone Academy APP is the new ‘standard’ when it comes to kite tutorial videos. The fact that we are building a community of riders around the world with the same goal, to progress and improve their skills, will definitely grow every year with new kiteboarders. The quality of the video shots, the wide variety of tricks and riding styles offered, the features the APP and the fact it’s free makes it attractive to every rider with a smartphone.