Secrets of the Send
YouTube Show by Alex Mertens

Secrets of the Sand X Academy App

What are the most promising ingredients for a perfect learning experience?

Alex Mertens & Taylor Baum bring it all together! THEY mix it to an easy to digest and entertaining YouTube Show “Secrets of the Send”.
Starting off with the
Duotone Academy App as their favorite resource and tutorial for new freestyle wing foil tricks they add proper video analyses, best buddies riding together at a windy spot and lots of fun and time…

Wing Foiling for sure is the hottest new water sport and there´s nothing better to watch and inspire yourself while learning from other athletes. With 7 years of instructional experience, Taylor and Alex have in-depth knowledge and skills to break down moves and digestible chunks. Both athletes want to share their progress in learning all manoeuvres and encourage others to learn along with them and try their tips. After all nothing is better than progressing alongside a friend!

Secrets of the Sand Alex & Taylor
Secrets of the Send by Alex Mertens & Taylor Baum
Secrets of the Sand X Academy App

“SECRETS OF THE SEND” definitely is a creative and fun approach to learn advanced Wing Foiling online. Entertaining and attention-grabbing action shots combined with a digestible analysis and the popular Duotone Wing Academy App.

With weekly uploads, the series documents the learning process of going for all the latest and greatest freestyle winging moves and manoeuvres. Makes you feel like a pro while watching already. Tune into their channel for all episodes and upates!

Secrets of the Send

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