Nia Suardiaz crowned GWA European Champion!

NiaSuardiaz_Paula Novotna_Greece_byGWA

NIA SUARDIAZ (ESP) and PAULA NOVOTNA (CZE) threw up one close race after another at the GWA Wingfoil Race Class Continental Championship in Rhodes, Greece. Nia won the last race of the final day, what made her the GWA Wingfoil European Champion followed by Paula in second place.

NiaSuardiaz_Paula Novotna_Greece_byGWA

GWA Wingfoil Race class european Championship, rhodes, Greece

The two leading female wing racer had been neck to neck all event long. This ongoing battle between Nia Suardiaz and Paula Novotna has added a whole new dimension to the contest. “I am so happy to win here in Greece”, said the lucky winner and 15-year old Spanish shooting star.


Congratulations to Nia and Paula for their exceptional riding as well as to Bobo Gallagher, stepped on the podium in third place after 6 eliminations in the U16 category. Keep on with this great show!

Women result - GWA Wingfoil Race Class, European Championships

1. Nia Suardiaz (ESP)

2. Paula Novotna (CZE)

3. Kylie Belloeuvre (FRA)

Boys U16 result - GWA Wingfoil Race Class, European Championships


1. Xavier Corr (ESP)


2. Axel Gerard (FRA)


3. Bobo Gallagher (USA)


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