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Duotone Kiteboarding Noe Font Kite park league
Noé Font finds his flow to 1st place at the Kite Mansion Park Open
Noé Font finds his flow to 1st place at the Kite Mansion Park Open in Icapuí, Ceará, Brazil. Wrapping up the end of the Kite Park League World Tour along with park-riding heavyweights, Team Rider Noé [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Craig Cunningham Mercedes Benz
BALANCE by Craig Cunningham X Mercedes Benz
Life’s all about the work : play balance, which Duotone Kiteboarding Team Rider Craig Cunningham, in collaboration with Mercedes Benz showcases in his latest video
Duotone Kiteboarding GKA Freestyle Mauritius 2019 Claudia Mikaili
Mikaili Sol takes the win and Valentin Rodriguez 2nd place at penultimate GKA freestyle stop in Mauritius
The Freestyle discipline of the GKA Kite World Tour in Bel Ombre, Mauritius was a showstopper. The world’s best riders took to the lagoon to throw down next level tricks with even more style and power [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Surfboard Range 2020
Behind the Design of the 2020 Surfboard line with Sky Solbach
Sky Solbach takes us through what’s new for the 2020 Duotone Surfboard line. From new sizes, lighter materials, durable constructions, refined deck and fresh shapes, the range spans from our strapless [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Surfboards Review
Which surfboard fuels passion to ride? Our wave team share their thoughts.
Airton Cozzolino pioneers the Pro Voke, Matchu Lopes rides fins out with the Pro Wam, Patri McLaughlin charges the big sets on the Pro Session, James Carew rides hard on the Pro Whip, Olivia Jenkins [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding GKA waves team
History made as Duotone Wave Team complete the podium at the GKA Kite-Surf World Championship
For the first time ever, Duotone’s wave giants stand together, completing the podium at the men’s Kite-Surf World Championship in Bel Ombre. Powered by the Neo, Airton Cozzolino takes 1st, James Carew [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Aaron Hadlow raffle Duotone Academy
Here’s your incredible chance to win one of the most advanced high performance Wakestyle/Freestyle boards, developed for and with Aaron Hadlow and even signed by Aaron – The TS Hadlow Textreme!
Duotone Kiteboarding Follow the Rio
Follow the Rio
Zea, Mitch and Rio are currently discovering the Northern Peruvian coast with their Mitsubishi Fuso camper truck and a range of Duotone Kiteboarding gear. Stopping off in Santa Marianita, Ecuador, [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding_Grom Search UK
Duotone Grom Search UK with Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court & Lewis Crathern
The 2nd Grom Search from Duotone Kiteboarding UK with Aaron Hadlow, Tom Court & Lewis Crathern in Hunstanton, UK. The revival of the original Young Blood initiative, educating the next generation of [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Sky Solbach and Ken Winner
2020 NEO Behind the Design - Ken Winner
The 2020 NEO remains true to its roots and its purpose in life. Fantastic drifting abilities, responsive steering - powered or depowered, 4 and 5-line setup. It’s the go-to surf kite for all good and [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Neo 2020 mint Matchu Lopes
The Wave and Strapless Freestyle Team reviews the 2020 NEO
Read what the Duotone Wave and Strapless Freestyle Team have to say about the 2020 NEO. Sebastian Ribiero is one of those guys who’s always trying to push limits in light winds and Matchu Lopes [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Team Mikaili Sol
Mika’s Mindset of a Competitor
When the focus is predominantly on winning, the ability to become fully immersed in the moment is almost impossible. It seems that riding out the challenges becomes the greatest teacher. You're forced [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Casa cook partnership Duotone Pro Center Lagoon
Casa Cook Forms strategic partnership with wind & water sports giant Duotone
This October, Thomas Cook opens its latest Casa Cook hotel on the shores of Egypt’s Red Sea and has partnered with Duotone – one of the world’s leading wind and water sport suppliers – to offer a [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding_hadlow review_Vegas 2020
In the hands of Hadlow
2020 Vegas is Aaron’s go-to kite due to its versatility and high performance wakestyle abil-ity. “It keeps me motivated and gives you the pop and slack you need for powered wakestyle handle passes and [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding_designer interview_Vegas 2020
2020 VEGAS - Designer Interview with Ralf Grösel
The VEGAS remains the most sold C shaped performance kite on the market ever. A design inspired to take our team of world class rider to the top, 5x World Champion and 2x King of the Air Aaron Hadlow, [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Dice 2020 yellow
Duotone’s Daredevils sum up the 2020 Dice
Hannah Whiteley, Lasse Walker, and Reno Romeu, top spectators in their tracks with their fearless mega loop and big air talents, even Stefan Spiessberger a pure freestyle rider is singing the praises [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Dice Overview 2020
2020 DICE - Designer Interview with Ralf Grösel
Last year Dice creator, Ralf Grösel, redefined the design in order to improve looping and boosting abilities, especially within the smaller sizes. The outcome was an incredible performer and exciting [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding_Hood Jam
Jamming in the Hood
The Hood Jam, presented by Wind Voyager Authentic Apparel, hit the high notes. Duotone has been behind the growth of the the Hood Jam and the discipline it represents since it started 4 years ago. [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Paula Novotna GKA Fuerteventura 2019
A perfect performance from Paula
Paula shares her journey to the top spot at the GKA Freestyle stop in Fuerteventura. One of the world’s best female freestyle riders, Paula is part of a core collective of women on a mission to raise [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Rebel 2020 grey rider review
Lewis Crathern sums up the 2020 REBEL
The 2020 REBEL is a hang-time hero and big air booster. Flowing through every freeride session with its huge wind range and epic depower, it’s hard to imagine how much performance can come from a kite [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Rebel Range 2020
2020 REBEL - Designer Interview with Ken Winner
2018 saw the Rebel become a totally new, four-line capable design. 2019, designer Ken Winner, addressed the small weaknesses brought to his attention by our well seasoned team riders and gained [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Academy App Strapless Matchu Lopes
Smooth, Stylish and Strapless with the Duotone Academy APP
To all the Duotone Kiteboarding community who’s downloaded the APP so far, we hope it’s living up to all expectations and you’re cruising through the motions, ticking your goals off your list.
Duotone Kiteboarding Teamrider Colleen Carroll
Find your tribe with Colleen Carroll & Sensi Graves
International Team Rider and one of the world’s best will be joined by best friend and equally impressive, Sensi Graves, to host a female-only kiteboarding retreat in Dakhla, Morocco, this October.
Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Philipp
Building the Duotone Kiteboarding Academy APP with IOS developer Philipp Rembold.
Our vision and demands for the Duotone Kiteboarding APP weren’t for the faint hearted. Philipp Rembold boldly took on the task of programming and delivering the APP, but have you ever wondered how it [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding TWENTY Aaron Hadlow
Behind the scenes of TWENTY with Aaron Hadlow
Aaron Hadlow shares the process of filming for TWENTY, bringing his vision to life, trusting videographer Laci Kobulsky, why the UK is his favourite section and how he felt before the first premier.
Duotone Kiteboarding GKA round up
GKA Round Up So Far
2019 is a big year for the GKA. The season kicked off in Gran Canaria with Freestyle, then onto Sylt for the Kite-Surf discipline, followed by a kiteboarding bonanza in the wind-sports mecca of [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Kite Armada 2019 Teamrider Lewis Crathern
Duotone Kiteboarding’s Lewis Crathern Round’s Up The Kitesurfing Armada 2019
With reports of over 8000 people attending this years festival, over £200,000.00 pounds raised for charity via our trust 'The Armada Trust,' huge turn out from the UK and International Duotone [...]
Duotone Kitesurfing Kite Brothers Seb and Val Garat
‘Kite Brothers’ by Val and Seb Garat
Sharing your passion with friends is one thing, but to live it with your brother is another. Introducing ‘Kite Brothers’ the story and journey to success for Val and Seb Garat. French kiteboarding [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Triple S
2019 Wind Voyager Triple S Round Up with Tom Court
Triple S original, Tom Court, rounds up the 2019 Wind Voyager 2019 as Noe Font, Craig Cunningham, Colleen Carrol, Aaron Hadlow, Artem Garschenko and Zander Raith took to the kite park of REAL [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Academy App Teamrider Jeremie Tronet
Jeremie Tronet hosts the shooting of Duotone Academy APP
Union Island sets the scene for the APP with amazing winds, beautiful scenery and perfect lighting. Jeremie Tronet features in many of the tutorials and was key in the organisation. Hear why he thinks [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Launch Academy App Project Manager Patrick Dudek
Spearheading the year long process of the Duotone Academy APP
Patrick Dudek tells us what made this project exciting, the challenges they overcame, how they exceeded all expectations and what makes the Duotone Kiteboarding APP, made by kiteboarders for [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Academy Launch Behind the lens Chris Zarfl
Behind the lens of the Duotone Academy APP
Multimedia supported training methods specialist, Chris Zarfl, tells us how capturing over 150 video clips for the Duotone Academy APP took thousands of hours but was definitely worth it! Working with [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Acadamy Launch Aaron Hadlow Slider
Unhooked with Hadlow for the Academy App
Technically flawless, Hadlow fronts the unhooked freestyle of the Academy APP bringing years of skill and expertise to the tutorials. Hear what he has to say about the filming and performance process [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding New Rail
The New Duotone Rail
Sessions in the slick are taken to great heights as the new Duotone rail is dropped into the butter flat waters at REAL Watersports, home of the legendary Triple S invitational. Read what Aaron [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding TRUE Magazine Aotearoa
Aotearoa - The trip of a lifetime
A chance encounter with two passionate kiteboarders from New Zealand, led the natives to invite us to visit their home, follow their lead and discover some of the most remote spots in the country only [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Teamrider Lasse Walker Megaloop Challenge 2019
3rd Place for Lasse - 2019 Red Bull Megaloop Challenge
We catch up with Duotone team rider Lasse Walker to hear about what makes this event so unique, how there’s a certain element of winging it, why the Duotone DICE is his favourite kite and how the [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Click Bar Project Teta True Magazine
Project TETA
Imagine if you could compare kite models against each other based on figures, similar to a car-magazine test. Parameters such as steering pressure, lift, drag, depower-ability, turning speed and more [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Dice Range 2019 St Brandon
Behind the scenes of ‘Utopia in St Brandon’
The crew and riders behind the latest DUOTONE episode, ’Utopia in St Brandon’ share their experiences, lessons learned and what went on behind the scenes.
Duotone Kiteboarding TRUE Magazine Art Concept
What does Duotone mean to you?
For us, Duotone is associated with performance, passion, stoke, nature and authenticity. But Duotone as our brand name also gives a lot of room to interpret its meaning for yourself.
Duotone Kiteboarding Spirit Foil 2019
Ever wondered how it all works? Ken Winner tells us about aerodynamics and hydrodynamics, and how they’re applied when bringing our foil range to life.
Duotone Kiteboarding KNOTFUTURE En La Playa
En La Playa
Introducing the first episode of En La Playa, a series of the clips that never made it into La Buena Vida from the 2019 VEGAS shoot. Up first is Noe Font.
DUOTONE #cleanbeachday
On May 1st 2019, there was a unity of the global Duotone community in aid of #cleanbeachday. It was the first ever official event of this nature for us and it kickstarted an initiative that we hope [...]
Created by Sky Solbach, Ken Winner and Max Panjak, the new Duotone SPIRIT foil range represents a unique and modular line of components that can all be used together in order to create the ultimate [...]
Duotone Kiteboarding Spirit Foil Mono Jeremie Tronet
Team rider Jeremie, is a kite foiling addict and his home spot the ultimate foiling location. Read what he has to say about the new Duotone SPIRIT range, what makes it so versatile and why the MONO [...]
Total takeover in Leucate.
Francesa Bagnoli crowned queen and the Duotone Freestyle Team proved unstoppable, with 6 riders making up the 8 finalists. A full Duotone women's podium! Here we catch up with Francesca Bagnoli, [...]
“Kiters really have an inside line on true happiness”
That smiles on your face after every session, the joy of spending a day with friends on the water, the stoke of every jump or wave - everyone knows that feeling. But why does kiteboarding evoke such [...]
James Carew and Seb Ribeiro revisit the magic in Cape Verde.
We catch up with James Carew and Seb Ribeiro to revisit the magic moments from the GKA Kite-Surf World Tour kick off in Cape Verde.
Artem Garashchenko reviews the 2019 JUICE
Team Rider, Artem Garashchenko, is all about shredding the powder in the mountains and styling it out on the water. His ticket to ride? The JUICE. Read why. "The JUICE has been developed for riders [...]
JUICE 2019 - A detailed design by Ralf Grösel
“In order to create the ultimate light wind construction for light wind conditions you have to look at the materials you’re using. I spent time sourcing the best materials possible and a full season [...]
The 2019 JUICE represents state of the art design, specifically sourced material, and optimised light wind performance. It’s balanced, user friendly and made for twintip and foil boarders looking to [...]
MONO 2019 review - Jeremie Tronet keeps it short and sweet
As one of Duotone's most well-rounded riders, Jeremie Tronet takes the 2019 MONO for a whirl in his tropical home spot and shares his thoughts. "I have primarily used the MONO for my foiling sessions. [...]
MONO 2019 - Designer Interview with Ken Winner.
Ken Winner took the MONO back to the drawing board and his 2019 design is a benchmark model. “The biggest challenge these days lies in making a kite both durable and light. Low weight, easy turn [...]
Completely redesigned and reinvented from scratch, the Duotone Mono is light, simple and devastatingly good. It´s a fantastic all-rounder that features just one strut an incredible handling for entry [...]
'The Sum of 5' The Movie
“We are not here to sell you on a dream. A video filled with smoke and mirrors. The perfect day doesn’t exist. The perfect session, the perfect trip…moments of perfection are relative, intangible, [...]
Red Bull King of the Air 2019
The Red Bull King of the Air 2019 is the world's most extreme and exclusive event that runs fast. It’s technical, tactical and requires radical decisions whilst weighing up the risk, but ultimately it [...]
#truecommitment with Tom Court
Tom Court shows in his last video clip, Windy Planet, his state of mind after having back to back knee surgeries and the pure motivation that kiteboarding has given him to overcome one of life biggest [...]
Hannah Whiteley is Changing Attitudes
Duotone Kiteboarding's Hannah Whiteley smashes the glass ceiling of female extreme big air kiteboarding in the Red Bull King of the Air 2019 Expression Session, Cape Town, South Africa.
Pippa Van Iersel sets the tone at the Queen is Born
Team rider, Pippa, took to the skies of Cape Town for the first ever Queen is Born event, proving that female Big Air riding is being represented in a phenomenal way and these women are only just [...]
Tuning For Extreme Performance
With the holding period for the 2019 Red Bull King of the Air underway we await the wind and green light from Red Bull Za. Preparation for every scenario is key in such extreme and wild events. Watch [...]
Pre-game chat for the 2019 Red Bull King of the Air
Big winds, waves and the world's most extreme riding here in Cape Town! Get in touch with the first impression of the Red Bull King of the Air 2019 with Aaron Hadlow, Lasse Walker, Lewis Crathern – [...]
Swell Season in Maui by Sky Solbach
As one of our first ever team riders, Sky Solbach moved to Maui and never looked back. Read what he has to say about the legendary swell season, how the conditions inspire his shaping and prototyping [...]
Behind 'La Buena Vida' scenes in Puerto Rico.
Kiteboarding has taken them on wild adventures to remote places as well as guided them on their quests to find new destinations, Puerto Rico was one of them. With ‘La Buena Vida,’ now available for [...]
Power in Unity
Exciting times for the world of kiteboarding! With the interest of the sport and its future always at the forefront of everyone’s minds, professional Freestyle has now united with professional [...]
Save the date and get ready for some of the most epic airs!
With the Red Bull King of the Air 2019 line-up complete, Duotone riders will have to master the elements in an attempt to rule the skies – leaving a wake in the atmosphere with the ultimate goal of [...]
Airton Crowned World Champion of 2018 KSWT in Torquay, Australia.
Airton claims his World Champion crown and Matchu Lopes 3rd following the last GKA Kite-Surf World Tour event. Point Danger in Torquay, Australia is wrapped in surfing history and made it's debut on [...]
Glory for Mikaili Sol and teammates
We reflect on the glory of the Duotone women's team who finish in 1st, 2nd and 3rd place on both the WKC Freestyle World Tour and the GKA Air Games, with a huge congratulations to our girl, Mikaili [...]
Welcome to the Team Pippa van Iersel
Meet the newest member of the Duotone International team, Pippa van Iersel. Born with the urge to compete, she's got big plans for 2019 and the World Tour. Riding the Vegas and Team Series, we're [...]
"Jambo Mambo Africa" - Paula Novotná
This summer, Paula had the chance to visit Africa and explore its beauty. This kiteboarding spot offered everything; freestyle, waves and foiling. Watch as she enjoys every moment on the crystal blue [...]
The First Duotone Grom Search
Craig Cunningham takes #TRUEKITEBOARDING to heart and leads the first Duotone Grom Search with the support of world leading riders and international team mates. Caiupe, Brazil has delivered some of [...]
Kite Mansion Open - Kite Park League
The Kite Mansion Open, hosted the world's best park riders in Icapui, Brazil, for what quickly became one of the most popular events of the season. Duotone had a strong representation, boasting 7 [...]
Evo - Interview with Ralf Groesel
The 2019 Duotone Evo is the greatest freeride formula in history. The R&D process was focused on how much further we could go between lightness and structure, handling performance and balance, depower [...]
Rider Review - Evo 2019
"Every year I get my hands on the new EVO I love it, who wouldn’t? We work hard to make improvements and for sure it’s developed into the best version to date. It is a true all-round kite, a benchmark [...]
Duotone women: The world's best.
Duotone women: The world's best. Many of you might have seen on social media that a handful of Duotone’s most radical female riders are currently hanging out in the Red Sea. Colleen Carrol, Hannah [...]
Rider Review - Vegas 2019
Hadlow’s track record has consistently proven that he’s not only the world’s best at hardcore freestyle and wakestyle, but also a king of the air! Aaron pushes our designers and innovations to the [...]
Vegas - Interview with Ralf Groesel
There was no need to make any drastic changes to the 2019 Duotone VEGAS. This offered a unique opportunity look at each component of the kite individually and see how it could be fine tuned to [...]
How a kite is made. By Tom Court
Tom Court takes us inside the Duotone manufacturing facility in Sri Lanka. A longstanding partner of ours, they have been bringing our legendary designs to life for over 20 years. A rare glimpse of [...]
Girl Power
Give the Duotone girls a stage and they’ll give you a show stopping performance. Congratulations Mikaili, Paula, Francesca and Claudia on your 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th place at the WKC Elite [...]
Rider Review - Neo 2019
Airton Cozzolino is a rider that inspires kiteboarders worldwide. A true waterman, his talent and potential is a motivator for our designers. With the Neo being his kite of choice, our goal is to [...]
Neo - Interview with Ken Winner
Above all we want to ensure that the Neo never loses it’s central purpose, which is to be the go-to surf kite for top level, hardcore wave riders like Airton, Sky and Patri. We’re always tweaking and [...]
Rider Review - The Duotone Click Bar
The 2019 Duotone Click Bar, is the future of control. It represents the innovations of the past and sets the stage for our future developments. Once you've tried it, you won’t want to use anything [...]
The Click Bar - Behind the Design
The Click Bar took the industry by storm as the world’s first one-touch depower system. The proto-type process encouraged wild ideas and visualizing solutions, bringing the future of control to life [...]
Welcome to Duotone Val Garat
We love an injection of fresh talent and Val Garat is the latest to join our major lineup of team riders. Hailing from Montpelier, France, he’s passionate and fully committed to the Duotone family and [...]
The secret shoot
As you are all aware by now, Boards and More have just launched our new brand, Duotone. Continuing with the legendary line of products, designers, team riders and people that make the brand go round, [...]
Duotone domination in Fuerteventura
There’s nothing better than a competition being blessed with epic conditions, and that’s exactly what happened in Fuerteventura for the 5th stop of the 2018 GKA Kite-Surf World Tour.
WIN A Rebel
Want to get your hands on the new 2019 Duotone Rebel? To celebrate its launch, we’re giving one away to a lucky winner. All you have to do is head on over to our Instagram @duotone.kiteboarding and [...]
Dice: Interview mit Designer Ralf Groesel
Gleichermaßen zu Hause bei den Freestyle-Moves von Reno Romeu und dem Wellen-Surfen von Weltmeister Matchu Lopes, ist der Dice ein vielseitiger Kite, perfekt für jeden, der es versteht, alle [...]
Rebel: Interview mit Designer Ken Winner
Der zeitlose Klassiker unter den High-Performance Freeride-Kites ist die Benchmark für Big-Air-Überlegenheit und atemberaubende Hangtime.
Till Eberle, Managing Director der Boards & More GmbH, im Interview
It’s true: Boards & More verabschiedet sich von North Kiteboarding und bringt im Sommer die eigene Marke Duotone.
The Transition
Die einzige Konstante im Leben ist der Wechsel. Alles ist in Bewegung. Die Zeiten, die Bedingungen, nur das Ziel bleibt unverändert – ebenso wie unser Anspruch, das innovativste Sportequipment für [...]