Finn Spencer

Finn Spencer



Finn Spencer

Sugar Cove, Maui, USA

Canada / USA



When and where did you start Wing Foiling? I started wing foiling in spring of 2019 by going for a downwinder on the north shore of Maui. 

What’s your watersports history – from which side did you enter Winging? Before winging I was doing prone and SUP foiling and before that it was surfing and stand-up paddling.

What do you love about Wing Foiling? I love how much potential the sport of winging has as well as how versatile it is. There is such a wide variety of conditions that you can wing in as well as different aspects like freestyle, wave-riding, and downwind.

What’s your favourite conditions? My favorite is 30 knots and overhead waves.

What’s your top advice for a beginner? Learn the basics of the wing on a board without a foil or on the beach and then progress to learning the foil. Also stay persistent because once you get that initial feeling of flying on the foil you’ll be hooked!

Boom or handles? I prefer handles as there’s no setup required and I like being a little farther away from the wing when I’m riding.



Finn Spencer


Finn Spencer